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Welcome to The Joyful Organizer! We work with organizing Customers throughout New England, including Connecticut, Putnam and Westchester Counties in New York, New York City, and Maine. Even If you are outside our geographic area, just give us a call!  We would love to talk to you about your organizing challenges, or work with you virtually.

3 Free PrintablesSince 2006, The Joyful Organizer®, has established itself as one of the premier organizing companies in the country. Led by organizing expert, author, and motivational speaker, Bonnie Joy Dewkett, CPO® , we work with our Customers to develop and implement organizational systems that create a sense of calm out of the daily chaos at home and at work. We achieve this by setting our Customers free from the physical and mental clutter that bogs down their lives. We are passionate about helping our Customers meet their organizing goals, and we love to see the positive impact that getting organized has on their lives. We truly believe an organized home is a joyful home.

As seen in Better Homes and Gardens, Better Homes and Gardens Secrets of Getting Organized 2010 & 2011, Good Housekeeping, The Huffington Post, iPhone Life, Ladies Home Journal, Parents Magazine, Tween Girl Style, and many more.

Getting organized is a life-changing decision.  You’ve come to the right place to get started!  Just like fixing a leaky roof, organizing is an investment in your home, your family, and your life.  When you are organized you spend more time doing things you want to do, rather than spending that time looking for things you know you own but cannot find.  We’re glad you are considering our company to help you in your journey to organization. We have listed some of the common organizing challenges in the following pages, and paired them with the services we offer to help you tackle them.  Each of these services to help you conquer clutter start with a free phone consultation.  Getting organized is also a personal journey, and being paired with the right organizer for your personality is very important.  First, let us show you our organizing process in Path to Organizing Success.  Next: Path to Organizing Succcess

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Quick Tips

There is a saying, “What gets written down gets attended to, and what gets attended to gets done.” 

Write down your organizing goals and hold yourself accountable for completing them. 

I know it seems like a big chore, but you’ll be glad you did it once you’re done!

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