Product Review-Jamie Raquel File Tote

If its possible to have a crush on an organizing product, I do.  I’m in love with this file tote.  At first glance the bright colors and simple, clean design draw you in.

However, unlike lots of other cute file products out there this one is really well made.  It has metal feet so you can set it down without scratching its bottom.  The inside has a fun lining and POCKETS!

I love the pockets for holding a mini stapler, paper clips, a pen etc.

The handles are really long so you can carry it by hand,Jamie Raquel Tote or fit it over your shoulder.  The tote also has a strap that closes all of your files in, just in case it gets dropped or tipped over in the car.

For those of you who read my blog you know how important I feel that portable filing totes are.  These match function with style.  If you love it, you will use it!  Get yourself a Jamie Raquel file tote today by visiting their website here:

They come in eight colors, so there is one for everyone!

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