Homework Caddy

I recently appeared on TV Land and talked about a homework caddy and since then I’ve gotten a lot of questions about it.  So I wanted to discuss it in further detail.  By creating a homework caddy you are keeping all of the supplies your child needs to complete their nightly home work assignments in one place.  This alleviates the need to run around the house gathering supplies and delaying homework.

I also suggest having a supply closet for homework supplies.  This is where you will store the excess supplies that don’t fit in the caddy.  While you don’t need to have a ton of supplies on hand, its important to have enough that you avoid running out to town during the school week at the last minute.

The items in your child’s caddy will depend on their age and their skill set.  However, general supplies you’ll probably want on hand are: a calculator, ruler, crayons, glue, eraser, pencils, pens, tape, paper, pencil sharpener, three hold punch and scissors.

Here are some great examples of homework caddies.  I also love including an empty tissue box to use as a mini trash container.  A snack or two doesn’t hurt either.

The cuter you can make the caddy, the better.  Kids love cute and if you can, allow them to decorate the caddy themselves.  Each child should have their own caddy.

As you can see caddies can be custom made or can be store bought.  Start looking around and see what works for you!  Keep in mind one of the easiest and least expensive caddies to purchase is a cleaning caddy.


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    I can’t wait to share these ideas with the students and their families! These also might help to organize kiddos that have too much stuff in their desks at school too!

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