January Healthy Eating For Your Dog~Fromm Four Star Food

January is the month where lots of people start to focus on their eating habits and eating healthier.  The same should be true for your pet!  Take a look at what’s in your dog food.  Really take a look.  And take a look at the nutrition facts.  There are a lot of companies out there that come up with lots of yummy names for their food, but its full of fillers and other gross stuff.

Fromm is grain free which is great for active dogs.  Each bag has a minimum of 29% protein.  Its made fresh.  If you buy salmon flavor, they process the salmon the same day its received at their plant.  That is unheard of for dog food!

Fromm uses a low temperature to bake their food so nutrient degradation is minimal.  Its all processed in the same plant too so your concerns about contamination.

My dog is super active and she needs good nutrition.  She’s also a fussy eater.  She loves Fromm food and its flavors.

Fromm’s food comes in lots of great flavors such as Chicken a la Veg, Pork and Applesauce, and Beef Frittata Veg.  You can take a look at their whole line of products here:



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