Penguin Polish Review

Winter is a great time to have a little fun with nail polish.  Most of us are stuck inside and wearing thick sweaters.

I came across Penguin Polish on Etsy and I couldn’t help but think that these polishes were a little fun in a bottle.  Penguin Polish is formaldehyde, toluene and DBP Free.  Confection Connection is a pale shade of white with fun, multi colored glitter in it.  Its fun, and demure at the same time.  You can have even more fun by layering it over light and dark colors.  My favorite part of this polish is that it smells GOOD!  Like cake batter!  How cool is that?  The bottle is professional and pretty.

I also tried out Lulu’s Galaxy which is a deep teal with magenta and silver sparkles in it.  This is a great polish for winter.  Its very sophisticated but has a little spunk to it.  Again, thsi polish went on very well, dried nicely and stayed on my nails quite well for almost aa week (and I’m NOT delicate with my manicures!).

These make great clutter free gifts for yourself or your Valentine.  Penguin Polish sells LOTS of different colors.  Check them all out here:

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