Clutter Free Valentine’s Day Gifts

We talk about clutter free gifts all the time.  However, we discuss them mostly around the holidays.  ANY gift giving occasion is the perfect chance to give a clutter free gift.  And in case you are just joining us, a clutter free gift is a gift that you give someone that doesn’t add to the clutter in someone’s home.  It is an “experience” gift.

Here are a few of my favorites for Valentine’s Day.

1.  Home made dinner.  If you don’t cook a lot this is a perfect night to cook for the love of your life.  Give them the gift of taking the night off and staying out of the kitchen!

2.  Massage.  This could be a massage given by you or a gift certificate for a professional massage.  Who doesn’t love this?  Make it a couples massage and treat yourself too!

3.  Behind the scenes experience.  Many aquariums and museums have behind the scenes experiences.  A local aquarium to me offers a “penguin experience”.  Find something that your significant other loves and see if you can visit them at a local facility.

4.  A photo slide show.  So often we don’t have the time to process our photos and do things with them.  Surprise someone and make them a digital slideshow with the photos that have been sitting on the camera for so long.

5.  Frame something.  Frame a photo that they love, frame some tickets, frame their favorite article of clothing.  Get something out of the basement or closet and hang it on the wall to be loved and honored by all.

6.  Chocolates.  Buy organic free trade chocolates if possible.  Order your love’s favorite set from a local chocolate shop.  Everyone loves chocolate!

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  1. Posted February 5, 2013 at 1:42 pm | Permalink

    This is a great post with some awesome ideas for Valentine’s! You’re right, we do “preach” about clutter-free gifts during the holidays but why not all year round?! I like the massage idea… maybe I could drop a few hints…. Thank you Bonnie!

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