Eco Friendly Valentine’s Day!

  • Custom artwork of you or your love (or you and your love) made with recycled junk
  • Organic wine and spa collection or organic and Fair Trade wine and chocolate set,
  • St. Valentine gift box from with organic, fairly traded, shade grown coffee, three bards of organic Fair Trade chocolate and a “Coffee is like kissing” brew guide.


  • Looks like our friends across the pond (in England that is), are way ahead in developing new fabrics for lingerie. There are a couple of designers who’ve come out with bras made of Lenpur®, a biodegradable fabric made from white pine tree clippings. Sounds rough on the skin, but its silky texture wins raves. Take a look at
  • Once again, England is tops for tops and  offers the sexiest sustainable lingerie to be seen organic hemp and silk, soya and recycled fabrics-pricey, but luxurious
  • Knickers is the word for panties in England  has some cuties handmade from hemp and silk that they will mail to the U.S.
  • another UK lingerie company with a conscience, sells chic, Earth-friendly under-duds and even gives you the opportunity to offset your carbon emissions when shipping to the US.
  • offers cute shorts and sporty bras made from materials that can be recycled by returning the worn garment directly to the company
  • American Apparel sells sporty and affordable organic cotton undergarments

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