Zen of Hoarding Review

The Zen of Hoarding is unlike any other organizing or hoarding book you have ever read. First of all, did you know that 6 to 10 million households suffer from hoarding?  It isn’t always the horrible event you see on TV, it touches many Americans in their homes and daily lives.

The book takes you thought 108 offerings.  Not only is hoarding addressed, your whole way of thinking is evaluated.  The Zen of Hoarding isn’t an instructional manual or a series of to do lists.  It is a complete life guide.  I recommend this book to anyone, even if you don’t have a clutter problem.  The way we value ourselves and our stuff is a skill we can all improve upon.  Some points I love from the book:


Are you who you say you are?  When you tell people what you like to do and what you love, do your actions back up your words?  Are you spending your time doing the things you love to become the person you want to be?

When deciding what to keep and what get rid of, ask yourself if the items serves you now.  Does it help you fulfill your life’s goals and purpose?

When you focus on the negative instead of the positive, that is where your energy will go.  The example she gives is being late.  If you “don’t want to arrive late”, all of your thoughts and energy go into avoiding consequences.  However, if you turn it around and “want to get there early” all of your energy goes into achieving that outcome.

What happens if you take the following our of your mind?

-I paid good money for it.

-It might be worth something

There is a difference between a collection and a collectable.  A collection has been cultivated and time has been taken to specifically acquire items.  Otherwise you just have a lot of stuff that has no real valuable.  If you really think your stuff is worth a lot of money, have an appraiser come in.  You may be surprised.

Give yourself a mantra and repeat it to yourself.  Put it up where you can see it.  I personally like “Today is a good day for a good day.”

Most people say they are keeping things because “they” said so.  Who is they and why are you giving them so much power in your life?

Energy goes where attention goes.  If you write something down and want to make it happen, you will give it attention and energy and it will get done.  Decide something is important to you and it gets done.  It isn’t a miracle, it is intention.

Input=output.  Or at least it should.  If something comes in, something has to go out.

Instead of focusing what you do not have or cannot do (no one has enough time, space or money), focus on what you CAN do.  When you change your way of thinking, you will be shocked at what you can accomplish.

Life is changed five minutes at a time.  Saira talks about doing things five minutes at a time.  This is similar to our “ten minute tidy” concept.  So pick what works for you and start there.  You will be shocked at what you can accomplish.  So often we put things off and when we do them, we are shocked at why we put it off so long.

Anything that sits for a long time becomes trash.  This means people (they don’t become trash but get unhealthy), stuff becomes worn out etc.  Are you keeping your surroundings beautiful?

Again, these are just a few of the easy to read, yet mind altering offerings in Zen of Hoarding.  Don’t let the title fool you, this is a must read for anyone who wants to change their time, home or even just their way of thinking about their daily activities.

You can purchase The Zen of Hoarding here.

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