The Other Side of Organized ~ A Book Review

People often ask me what the “net/net” of getting organized is.  Well Linda Samuels gets right to it.  In her book, The Other Side of Organized, she discusses what you need to know in order to get organized, the right way, the first time.

Through her use of her adorable Norton cartoons and her “tell it like it is” style, you will find what are as close to step by step instructions as you will ever find for getting organized.

The books takes you through organizing as the seasons change.  The book begins in winter, a time when we take time for ourselves, let ourselves have a little bit of fun and often accumulate lots of clutter.  It is the time of the year to set your goals and create intentions for the rest of the year.  Embracing change is about more than your socks.  It is about rethinking the way you view your life and your stuff. Creating new habits helps you live the life you want to live.  However, we all have to start somewhere and recognizing what you want to change is a vital part of success.

The book then moves to spring.  During this time you evaluate what you have.  Too much is different for everyone.  We all have too little time and space.  It is about finding YOUR boundaries and limitations and learning to stick with them.  Spring is a great time to feel great, enjoy the change in weather and start letting go.


The summer heats up, and means a break for many of us.  Vacations, time with family and getting outside make summer a great time to find the assistance you need in order to tackle big projects.  If you are having fun, you’re much more likely to get organized and have your whole family embrace it.

The fall is back to school, preparing for cooler weather and a time to think positive.  Once you’ve gotten rid of the physical clutter, it is time to think about your mental clutter.  How can you prevent the same things from occurring again?  How can you embrace change, live positively, and joyously.

The book is easy to read in small, digestible and implementable chapter.  I love the cartoons and even the cover makes you happy.  To get a copy of the book, click here:


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    Bonnie- Thank you for this wonderful review of my book, “The Other Side of Organized.” I just saw your post today. Thank you for taking the time to read and share your thoughts about it with your readers.

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