Beat the Heat: Cool Activities for You and Your Dog

While summer is almost over it’s still HOT outside.  Best Bully Sticks shares with us some ways to beat the heat.

Beat the Heat: Cool Activities for You and Your Dog

Summer’s here, and that means extra fun in the sun! In many places, however, that can also mean 90+ degree days and even higher heat indexes. For anyone who’s ever felt sweltering summer temperatures, you know that the “dog days of summer” can be really “ruff” on you and your pup. So for those days when it’s too bright for the beach or too hot for a hike, BestBullySticks has compiled a list of refreshing activities for pets and owners looking to beat the heat:

Visit a Museum: A fun and informative indoor activity, there are several museums across the US that boast pet-friendliness. For example – the Tucson Pima Air & Space Museum allows pets on a leash except in the restaurant, the Colorado Springs Ghost Town Museum allows pets that can be carried, and the Roswell UFO Museum and Research Center allows dogs throughout the facility. With a quick Google search, you should be able to find pet-friendly museums around your area or travel destination.

Go Shopping: New York is home to many pet-friendly stores, including Saks Fifth Avenue, Ralph Lauren and Tiffany & Co. When the outside heat is too much to handle, shopping with your pup is a great way to get in some retail therapy while spending time with your four-legged loved ones. New York isn’t the only place with shops that allow canine companions – we’ve heard of pet-friendly policies at various Nordstrom, Banana Republic, Anthropologie, TJ Maxx and Macy’s stores around the US.

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Have a Spa Day: High temperatures got you feeling a little low? Consider a day of pampering for you and your pup. With an influx of doggie spas popping up around the US, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a little rest and relaxation spot for Spot. Whether your pooch is getting a massage at the Atlanta Dog Spa, an aromatherapy treatment at Southern California’s The Spa Dog, or a pet facial at the Unleashed Spa in New York, your four-legged friend is in for a treat. While some pet spas even allow self-service bathing, there’s always the option to drop off your pup and head to a two-legged spa nearby for some of your own pampering.

Watch a Movie: For a fun way to beat the heat without leaving the comfort of your own home, sit back and enjoy a film with Fido.  Turner and Hooch, Bolt, Homeward Bound, Milo and Otis, and the Sandlot are a few of our personal favorites that feature four-legged leads. Craving a little movie time snack? Check out this cheesy bacon popcorn dog treat recipe that you and your dog can share!

Try a Recipe: Speaking of snacks, trying new drool-worthy recipes for you and your pup is a great way enjoy time with your dog while staying cool. From fresh cookies and cupcakes, to homemade bones and meaty dishes, cooking up your own treats is just as fun as eating them. With online tutorials ranging from salty to sweet to savory, picking a recipe for even the pickiest of pups should be a cinch. Many dog-friendly recipes we’ve found are even designed for you to enjoy as well – so eat up together!

Get Creative: With the rise of DIY culture and sites like Pinterest, taking on home tasks and fun crafts is easier than ever. Next time the heat sequesters you and your dog to the indoors, consider trying one of these DIY projects we’ve pinned to the BBS Pinterest. Whether you attempt a homemade chew toy, or create a new doggy bed or dish from repurposed materials, the do-it-yourself mentality allows you and furry friend to make your own fun no matter what the weather.

So next time the thermometer reads red hot, don’t get blue – just keep this list of cool activities on hand for fun, immediate relief from the heat!

Do you have any other fun “beat the heat” activity ideas? Head over to the BBS Facebook and let us know!

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