Secrets of An Organized Mom

Barbara Reich’s new book, Secrets of An Organized Mom is the guidebook you’ve been looking for.  Busy moms and dads ofen are unorganized simply because they don’t know where to start.  Secrets of an Organized Mom gives you a framework and details instructions to follow.

The book starts out with some basics: the organizing process, the tools you’ll beed, deciding what to keep and donate and where to do so.  This is a great primer for someone new to the organizing process and it’s a great refresher if you’ve done it before.

From there, the book is divided into chapters that address the areas of your home; entry way, master bedroom, children’s bedrooms and play spaces, the nursery, bathroom and linen closet, utility closet, kitchen and pantry, living room and family room, the home office, storage ares, traveling and moving and the holidays.

Each chapter is further broken out into the way you can arrange the space, items that do and do not belong in the space and organizing ideas and tools.


The book isn’t going to tell you anything ground breaking or dramatic.  However, it provides down to earth tips that you can easily follow.

Common problem areas such as children’s backpacks, purses and even diapers are discussed.  If you have something that has been bothering you for a while, it’s addressed in the book.

I like the book a lot because you can pick it up when you have the time, read for ten minutes and start in on your project.  Because this is presented in such manageable sections, you can really tackle your home space by space.

If you’d like a copy of the book or want to learn more about Barbara, visit her site here: 

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