2013 Gift Guide~Stocking Stuffers

Who says all stocking stuffers need to be boring?  I’ve tried really hard to seek out some great ideas for you this year that are consumable, unique, inexpensive and fun.  There are lots of options so you can find something that appeals to everyone.

1.  The first stocking stuffer is for a new mom and her baby.  It’s an all natural teething ring.  Made of wood and wood burned by hand, this is adorable as it is functional.    The wood is coated a food grade olive oil.  Treehouse Illustrator creates all natural teething rings and wooden spoons in a variety of adorable designs that will delight the adults more than the kids.  I love the fangs on this one.  Take a peek at the item I was able to take a peek at here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/153204565/ill-eat-you-up-i-love-you-so-wooden-baby?ref=shop_home_active

EatYouUpI am sending this along to a dear friend who is having a baby, hoping she will love it as much as I do!  Use code JOYFUL for 10% off  (Good until January 10th)!

2.  If you love something sweet (or a little tangy) check out Cherry Republic.  Their entire line of cherry products are yummy, surprising and affordable.  From cherry pie filling to cherry sour candies, there is a little something for everyone on your list.  Their gift baskets make great gifts for business associates and you can ship directly to the recipient too.  I was able to try the cherry sour patch candies and they didn’t last long!  Check out their whole selection on their website.

3.  Everyone has electronics and everyone needs to keep them clean.  The Mobile Clean & Go is a cleaner and cloth in one small, easy to carry container.  I love this as it can be used up over time and is something everyone can use.  It’s effective too.  My husband loved this little set to use on the go for his photography gear.  It also cleans computers, iPads, phone, and iPads.  It’s affordable too!


4.  Alter Eco Chocolates.  They recently launched a line of truffles that you will LOVE.  Their chocolate is produced  in a way that is environmentally responsible, socially just AND you can guarantee it always tastes amazing.  I tried two boxes of the truffles.  I did my best not to eat them all at once.  They are amazingly decadent and surprisingly easy to fit into your diet.  (Each truffle is under 100 calories). I love the idea of keeping these on hand for last minute gifts, hostess and teacher presents.  Take a peek at their site here: http://www.alterecofoods.com/.  They also have lots of solid and assorted chocolate bars!

Velvet Ind

5. Numi Tea is good for the body, mind and Earth.  Their range of seasonal organic teas is a delight.  I was able to try their three seasonal items.

Holiday Chai –A traditional Indian treasure, this tea blends organic hearty Assam black tea with organic cinnamon, cardamom, anise and gainer for a rich and spicy tea. Delicious with a touch of milk!

Holiday Herbal Chai – This caffeine-free tea blends Chai and Rooibos with cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, a touch of sweet allspice, ginger, and a kiss of cardamom. Also tasty with milk!

Winter Spice – This sublime white tea includes real orange peel, schizandra berries, and lemongrass, which balances the complex citrus notes with luxurious spice. All make for the most divine cup.

They do offer a large assortment of teas and all of their products are sold in biodegradable filter paper tea bags (no GMO bags used!), recycled boxes that are printed with soy based ink.  The tea bag ingredients are made with care for your body and the Earth.  These make a great stocking stuffer for the tea lover on your list.  Oh and get a box for yourself!


6.  Healthy food and deliciousness meet in Nicobella Organics’ Chocolates.  Their line of “munch” chocolates are filled with healthy items such as flax seed, nuts or coconut.  The chocolate used is organic and fair trade, 75% Kellari dark chocolate. These little bags are great to throw into your work bag, gym bag or of course, a stocking!  This is a healthy addiction.  You’re going to want more, so order one for yourself too.  I even tested this on some friends who aren’t into “health food” loves Nicobella Organics’ Munch!  Their packaging is made from sustainable materials and can be reused or dissolved in water.  The are also cruelty and dairy free.

7.  Funny Face Dried Cranberries are a great little stocking stuffer for kids and adults.  They are dried cranberries flavored with strawberry, grape, raspberry or cherry.  They are low in sugar, high in taste and will hold their own against any of the artificially flavored fruit chews and candy you’re used to.  A little bag of these has just 50 calories so it’s something you can eat without feeling guilty and give to your kids without ruining their diet.  Buy a container of 6 here.  Stuff stockings, keep some on hand for kids who visit during the holidays and bake with some!  You’ll love these little gems.


8.  Pink Parchment Soaps offers a line of all natural, hand made soaps that are inexpensive, amazingly scented and care for your skin gently.  I was able to smell and try the Moon Glow Soap and the Tea Tree Essential Oil soap.  I have sensitive skin and avoid artificial ingredients and scents….there are made without either.  They still clean effectively and leave your skin leaving soft and lightly scented.  Each of Pink Parchment’s soaps comes wrapped in a beautiful paper, sealed with a wax seal.

Soap You can check in the ingredients of every soap on their Etsy store.  Some of these soaps are elegant and beautiful.  Others are adorable and whimsical.  These make amazing stocking stuffers for kids, adults and everyone in between.  Everyone loves a little something to pamper themselves.  I’m particularly smitten with their gummy bear soaps!  They also have stout and porter soaps.  Perfect for the man in your life!


9.  For the men in your life, Loop Rope is a cool, but extremely useful tool.  It’s a stretchy rope with loops attached to it so you can lash things down in creative ways, or you can hold/hang items from the rope.  It’s kind of like a whole tool box full of ropes and hooks in one little box.  The Loop Rope comes in three foot or five foot sections.  The one I receives came with two stainless steel, double sided clips to help you affix items.  If you visit Loop Rope’s website you can view lots of photos that will inspire you to use it in lots of various ways.  Two of my favorites are using this to hold camping cook ware and using it to hold garden and outdoor tools.  The Loop Rope also comes in various colors.  You’ll want more than one.

LoopRope Tool organizer image Pots and pans LoopRope

10.  Glove.Ly is going to change the way to you think about winter.  We’ve all had gloves with touchscreen finger tips.  However, the tips never seem to sit right on your fingers and they never seem to be on the correct fingers.  Glove.ly’s gloves are made with fibers that are fully conductive so the WHOLE HAND can use touch screens.  And, the best part is that they look like traditional, stylish gloves.  I was able to try out a pair of their Solid gloves.  They are comfortable, just stretchy enough and make of soft, premium wool.  They retail for $25 and comes in red, navy, black, purple and charcoal.  (At the time of writing this.)  One of the things I really like about these gloves is that they have hidden magnets in them so the two gloves stay together.  They also have fleece lined, leather and other color options.  Take a peek at all of their gloves here.


11.  This may be an unconventional stocking stuffer, however, it is practical.  Sabre’s line of Pepper Spray and Alarms is perfect for anyone who walks alone at night or in the early morning and wants a little more peace of mind.  Their pepper sprays come in all sorts of stylish cases. Many look so cute or sleek that you’d hardly guess they were pepper spray.  Two of my favorites are their personal alarm and their pepper gel.  The personal alarm is a key chain that affixes to the outside of your bag, coat or keys.  At the push of a button there is a 110 decibels.  It comes in different colors so it’s great for everyone.  Their Pepper Gel is great for college students.  It’s pink and fashionable and can be put on keys or even a bag’s strap over your shoulder.  The gel reduces the chances that the gel will be spread in the wind. It’s quiet, easy to use and can even be used indoors if necessary.  These are great gifts for runners, college students, people who work third shift, pet owners and really anyone who is ever walking along.  Sabre’s products are tested, trusted and really affordable.  I really like the Spitfire.  It has a really sleek design and can be fired with just the push of a button.  The fact that it comes in purple is pretty awesome too!  PepperGel


12.  Powbab’s Fruit Chews are a vitamin and immunity boost in disguise. They are yummy fruit chews.  One chew a day gives you 100% daily antioxidant dose per chew (3000 ORAC value per chew) with daily dose of Vitamins C & E. Good source of Vitamin A. Contains raw, unprocessed whole fruit & other natural ingredients. Organic Baobab fruit pulp is naturally 50% fiber—no synthetics added. Does not contain gluten, dairy, soy, nuts or eggs. Vegan. No preservatives.  They wrapped individually so you can grab one and go.  I love these when I’m traveling or super busy.  Check out these and their other products here.


13.  Fiesta Ware’s mug is the perfect stocking stuffer for someone who loves a cup of coffee or tea in the morning.  Their mugs come in a WIDE variety of colors.  The mug is cute and durable.  They have a 5 year chip warrantee.  The mug feels sturdy in your hand and because of its thick walls, your beverage stays hot.  Everyone has lots of mugs in the cabinet. Most are free ones or ones that are chipped or old and are no longer loved.  Donate them and buy some of these adorable mugs-a different color for everyone.  Stuff them with KCups, or tea bags for a great stocking stuffer.  Adorable and functional!


14.  Three by Three Seattle’s Stick-It Silicone Dots are perfect for anyone.  These colorful little dots affix to your wall, window or desk and hold all of those little things you need one hand such as stamps, paperclips or post it notes.  I love these as they save you from having to tape things up or even worse, having them clutter your desk.  For seven dollars you get six sticky dots.  I love using these to hold all the little things I need while working all day.  It saves me from the “Where did I put that?!” syndrome.


15.  I’m a big proponent of anything that saves time and energy and Lock Laces do both.  These laces enable you to take any pair of sneakers and turn them into slip on shoes!  I intend to put these on my casual sneakers and my trail shoes.  These laces are great for racers, triathletes, etc.  However, I think they will be most appreciated by the busy mom trying to squeeze in a workout.  I also know that they are great for kids who can’t tie their shoes yet or seniors who have arthritis.  Special needs children can also benefit from using these laces.  They come in lots of colors and are super durable.  They are also affordable!  Get a few pairs as stocking stuffers and don’t forget to get some for yourself!


16.  Ever Bamboo.  Their charcoal and bamboo deodorizers are perfect for every stinky area of your life.  My favorite?  Their shoe and boot deodorizers.  Slip them into even the yuckiest running shoes after a workout and they are dry and fresh the next time you reach for them.  The boot deodorizers are a bit larger than the shoe version.  They are both easy to use-just slip them in.  There is no fake smell to them and you don’t have to worry about a caky mess like you do with powder or sprays. These are no mess, no fuss and highly effective.  These even work great for those work shoes you wear all day!    Take a look at all of the deodorizers they offer.  The room deodorizer is also highly effective, especially in a closet that holds sports equipment!  This is a practical, clutter free and welcome stocking stuffer.


17.  Brooklyn Soy Candles are made proudly in NY.  These candles smell amazing.  Their jars are just the right size to fit into a stocking.  They come in scents that everyone will love such as Warm Apple Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Lavender, English Garden, Cinnamon Bun, and more!  Each candle burns for about 40 hours and it burns clean.  There is no residue given off from the flame.  The soy used is grown in the USA and is a completely renewable resource.  My husband is sensitive to scents and I have asthma.  This candle was perfect for both of us!  When the candle is used up, you can recycle the adorable mason jar glass it came in.  The labels are one of the best parts of this candle.  They are vintage in appearance and adorable!  These make great hostess gifts too!


18.  The Golla Phone Purse Swoosie is just what you need for your on the go lifestyle.  It holds your cards, money and most importantly, it has a padded pocket for your cell phone.  Available in some adorable colors, its durable (and washable!), and lightweight.  I particularly love the outside zippered pouch as it holds receipts, coins and even a chapstick.  The wrist strap is easy to hold.  When I am going out for a longer day, I throw this little gem into a bigger bag.  It’s bright color makes it easy to find in the bag and on the floor of the car.  Golla has lots of products designed to look good and protect your computers, cameras and smart phone.  Great stocking stuffers that help you live a busy life with style.


19. FluxAudio’s Mag Buds are an organizer meets runners dream.  These are high quality earbuds with a few bonus features.  Not only do they have iPod/iPhone song and volume control, they have a built in mic so you can take calls.  So all of those things aren’t what make these headphones super.  Their cord has little magnets all the way through it.  So, when it’s not in use, you can wrap the headphone around your wrist and wear them as a bracelet.  You can wrap them around your phone or the strap of your bag.  I was always tangling my headphones or trying to find them at the bottom of my bag.  (That may be why I go through so many pairs!).  These stay put wherever your place them.  They come in black and white and make a very practical (and fun!) stocking stuffer.  Buy them here: http://www.fluxaud.io/shop/magbuds/


20. Not all reusable shopping bags are created equal.  Baggu makes the sturdiest, most adorable bags out there.  I previously reviews their “regular” size in elephant print.  This time I was lucky enough to try their Baby Baggu in red (just in time for the holidays!).  It’s the perfect size to fit into even a small cross body bag.  It’s durable, washable just the right size for the few things you need to pick up on your way home from work.  This is a great size bag for a lunch, your stinky gym shoes, your kids’ toys, or even a change of clothes for yoga class.  The bag folds into its own pouch and the straps are comfortable to carry.  At just $7 and available in a range of colors, this is a great gift for the holidays!


21.  Mommy’s Club offers an entire line of chemical free products feel good, are effective, and are as good for the Earth as they are for you.  These are a line of products made for Mommy and Baby that you will secretly love using yourself.  They are affordable and can be delivered to your door.  I love the hand sanitizer as it doesn’t dry out your hands and comes in great travel sizes that can be thrown in any bag.  Mommy’s Club has everything from baby lotion to vitamins.  Take a peek and pick out some stocking stuffers for yourself and your family!


Click on the sanitizer to view all of Mommy Club’s products.

*Please note we received samples of some of these items in order to test them out.  We donated many of the samples. Some, we tried (chocolate and candies in particular to be able to depict the quality.)  Please feel free to email bonnie@thejoyfulorganizer.com with questions.

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