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Okay so not everyone wants to get on board with 100% clutter free gifts.  While it is important to take clutter, organization and the environment into consideration when gift buying, it is also important to buy something the recipient will love and use.  So, if you’re looking for something physical and lasting to give, here are some suggestions.

1.Hate cords but love music?  Meelectronic’s Air-Fi Runway Headphones are a great fit.  The headphones are cute and come in a variety of colors.  More importantly, they deliver superior sound quality in a comfortable fit. The adjustable headband works for women and men.  What I love most is lack of cords.  These are Blue Tooth so they transmit your favorite music to your ears wirelessly.  There are no words to worry about or get tangled in.  These are great for listening to music and getting a little peace and quiet in a very busy world.  I also love these when listening to an audio book or a recorded class.  These are amazing for travel.  If you’re in a hotel room, on a plane or at the office, these fold up into a small pouch and are ready to go where you are.  A great gift for just about anyone on your list! Check out all their colors here.


2.  Inspire She Jewelry.  This line of jewelry is not only beautiful, it is meaningful.  While this gift isn’t consumable, it is simple, stunning and says a lot.  Choose from silver necklaces adorned with a simple gemstone to inspire strength, truth, love, courage, gratitude, forgiveness or trust.  These are beautifully made and for a piece of jewelry, shockingly affordable.  Take a peek at all the colors and meanings here: http://inspireshe.com/


3.  Have a shutter bug in your life?  Make it easy, comfortable and stylish for them to carry their camera with them everywhere they go.  ModStrap’s Premium Camera Strap is adorable and the inside’s soft fleece is so comfortable you hardly want to take it off.  The premium strap comes in a lots of patterns so there is something to match everyone’s personality.  It has quick release ends and durable webbing.  The ends are real leather.  ModStrap also has lots of other variations of straps too.  So take a peek and see what you can find!  These make a great gift for a budding photographer, to accompany a camera gift, or for a child with their first camera.   Here are the dimensions for the premium strap:

• Decorative portion of the strap: 33” long
• Total adjustable length: 42” -48”; 1.75” wide


4.  Klub Nico’s shoes are the perfect balance between style and comfortable footwear.  When you think of comfy shoes you picture sneakers or clogs that lack sophistication.  I tried out two pairs of Klub Nico’s shoes.  The first pair was the Nobu in charcoal/magenta. They are demure and classy.  I can easily wear these with a suit, dress pants or even a skirt.  I can also wear these with jeans and a sweater.  They are made of suede and leather so they wear well and breathe when you wear them.  They are able to be slid on easily and quickly.  Consequently, I find myself grabbing and wearing these a lot.  I have also found they are versatile enough to throw on with a pair of yoga pants.  These shoes are available a few colors.  I love the charcoal and magenta as they are basic enough to match lots of clothes, but the pink gives them a stylish pop.


If you want to join the bootie trend for those holiday parties, or you want to make a gift recipient very happy, Klub Nico’s Zolo Porcini is your shoe.  The ankle heigh bootie with a 1.5 inch heel is your holiday shoe.  The shoe is make of genuine leather and the color is a lovely nude that matches dresses, pants and even pairs well with leggings.  I love these shoes as they slip on easily (they have a side zipper) and they dress up even the most casual outfit.  Throw on jeans and a long sleeve tee.  Then, add these shoes and you’re good to go for errands, a night out with friends or even a date.


5.  It wouldn’t be fair if I left the babies out of the gift guide.  Max Daniel’s coveted blanket series is just want you need.  Their blankets are the softest I’ve ever felt.  They come in a variety of colors to match your nursery decor.  I will tell you that you are going to want one for yourself as well.  The blanket is well made and it’s made in the USA.  These are ultra plush, sophisticated and baby friendly.  Give a nice quality blanket instead of a basket full of baby gadgets that won’t get used.  (They even have adult sized blankets!)   Visit their site here.


6.  Tervis Tumblers come in all sorts of sizes, including a mug.  I have been a long time Tervis lover.  However, I recently tried their water bottles.  The top pops on and off quickly and easily but seals firmly.  You can throw it into your bag without worry and without condensation! There is also a place to easily grab it and carry it.  The tumblers can be customized with all sorts of things; colleges, sports, interests, even your name! They even have The University of Maine where I went to undergrad! As another bonus, they are made in America and have been for 65 years.  They also have a lifetime guarantee!  So while cups may not seem like a great gift at first glance, Tervis Tumblers are the perfect gift for just about anyone! Take a look at everything they offer here: http://www.tervis.com/


7.  The Jam Party Wireless Bluetooth Boombox is an amazing little gadget.  It’s rechargeable and plays up to 12 hours on one charge.  The little boom box packs a great sound that’s much more powerful than you think it would be.  There is a little handle that makes it easy to carry with you.  The Jam Party comes in lots of candy colors.  My favorite part is that this is a cordless music system.  Your phone or other audio device hooks up to this wirelessly, through Bluetooth.  So there is no need to hook things up.  This is a great present for someone who works in an office and can listen to music at their desk.  This is also a great way to listen to music outside, on the go or even camping.


8.  Crane’s Humidifiers may not be the most glamorous holiday gift, however, they are functional and help the recipient live a better life. While they are have adorable options in all sorts of animal shapes, I am in love with their Personal Cool Mist Humidifier.  It’s features help you get a good night’s sleep and breathe easier.  This is perfect for adults who need a better night’s sleep….and who doesn’t?  This is great for cold and flue season as well as those who live with conditions such as asthma.  You can even buy a couch suppressant to put into the humidifier!  This is a great option for people who travel a lot too.  I keep this in a plastic bag in my travel suitcase and it’s ready to go whenever I am on a business trip in a dry hotel room.


  • Increases air moisture for easier breathing and a good night’s sleep
  • Relieves cough, cold, and flu symptoms, including nasal congestion, dry cough, sinus irritation, nose bleeds, dry skin
  • 1.8 quart water tank runs whisper quiet up to 8 hours
  • Good for small offices or traveling
  • 360˚ nozzle for directional misting
  • Variable 5 mist output setting
  • Blue backlight LCD display with alarm clock and night light
  • Auto shutoff safety sensor
  • Uses less energy than a standard household light bulb
  • Does not require a filter

9.  For the traveler in your life, Pac Safe’s Sling Safe Anti Theft Purse is a perfect gift.  This little wonder comes on a few colors.  My favorite is black because it is easy to maintain and it goes with everything.  The bag is made of durable nylon that stands up to long days on the road.  However, the bag’s best features are hidden. It’s water repellent, and the liner is patterned and light enough so you can see the contents.  The main compartment is zippered and the bag can be worn cross body or as a waist pouch.  The zipper is a smart zipper.  You can latch the zipper closed so that someone can’t easily pull it open.  The strap is slash proof and can be attached to a table or chair when you stop to eat or rest.  The best part of the bag is the RFID pouch.  This means that you can tuck your credit cards inside and identity thieves can’t scan your data.  Over all this little bag keeps you looking good and secure on the road.  This is a must for the vacationer, but it’s even better for someone who travels frequently for business!

PacSafe10.  Who doesn’t want a new pair of sunglasses?  They are the one size fits all gift that everyone will love.  Zeal Optic’s range of amazing sunglasses for your busy lifestyle and active days are perfect.  I was able to try the Felicity.  They are classic and sophisticated with a little edge.  They cover your eyes completely from sun and glare as well as dangerous rays.  (Hyperion Lenses embed new highly specialized SPF film and formulated resins to significantly reduce the sun’s glare by 99 percent, cut 100 percent of UVA, UVB and UVC) They are super comfortable, even when sweating.  I ran in these with two dogs on leash and they didn’t budge.  I love that they can go from running to running errands and keep me looking good and being protected.  They are also polarized.  Zeal Optics has lots more styles for both men and women!


11.  Have a man in your life that is difficult to shop for?  Look no further than Stanley’s Utility Mat.  It’s the perfect gift for anyone who spends time at a work bench, at a desk or in the garage, this makes their time a bit more comfortable.  This is a useful gift, from a brand that you know and it just might help you get that long household to do list taken care of.  It’s 24×36 and it has a pattern on it to provide traction. It’s best feature is the comfort it provides.  It gives you a squishy feel that takes pressure of your feet and knees.  It is designed for standing, but it’s pretty great to rest your feet on while sitting too. This is a gift under $50 and one size fits all, so get one for all the men on your list.  


12.  Want to give someone a sweater they will love for years to come?  Splendid’s Striped Honeycomb Sweater is soft, warm and oh so stylish.  The stripes are on trend and are easy to pair with jeans, dress pants or even a pair of yoga pants if you’re so inclined.  Made from angora, cashmere, cotton, viscose, nylon and lambs wool it’s so snuggly and soft but so so warm.  I love this sweater on a day that it’s cold outside and you just want to be warm and snuggly.  Throw it on with jeans and a pair of boots and you look polished and sophisticated while being comfortable and warm.  This is a sweater you will wear for years to come.  I haven’t taken mine off since it arrived in the mail!   Splendid has lots of amazing, snuggly soft and stylish tops and bottoms.  I love their clothes.  I can look good while being comfortable all day every day.


13.  Image3D lets you create your very own customized View-Master style reels and viewers. Choose 7 of your favorite images and design your reel using our Reel Builder program. You can even add 3D captions while creating your reel. We also offer 4 unique viewer colors in red, black, blue and white.  People use them for everything from gifts, invitations, party favors, school projects, portfolios, keepsakes, and more!

bonniesset14.  ZebraNine has been one of my favorite stores for years now. Her jewelry is handcrafted, beautiful, high quality and meaningful.  I wear her pieces constantly.  This holiday gift someone a little peace with her Warm Golden Ganesh and Tourmaline necklace is a work of art that you can wear.  The necklace is comprised of a gold filled cable chain,with an Italian bronze Ganesh, along with a prehnite & green tourmaline briolette, and faceted micro green tourmaline and a spring clasp. Made a little longer for layering, or for those that like a little longer necklace. Warm & protective this will be a favorite!  I love wearing this with another shorter necklace and it’s easy to take one and off before sand after yoga class.  You will be shocked at how affordable this necklace is!  Ganesh symbolizes the ‘remover of obstacles’ in the Hindu faith & yoga spirit.

Click the necklace to purchase or to see her other amazing designs.

Click the necklace to purchase or to see her other amazing designs.

15.  The Black Widow Camera Holster is a great gift for that camera enthusiast in your family.  It attaches within minutes to any sturdy belt that you already own.  Or, you can choose to purchase a Black Widow belt for just $16 more.  What’s great about it is that it allows you to have your upper body and handsfree, while still being able to carry your camera.  The Black Widow has a locking mechanism so that once you slide your camera into it, you can rest assured that it will stay there.  I put it to the test on a hike, and it made bringing the camera along such a joy- eliminating the problem I had of the camera banging into my abdomen for an entire hike.  The only caution I would give is that you must be cognizant that your camera is in a different place on your body that you’re used to, so make sure you don’t bang your camera into anything!

 It comes with the belt adapter, connecting pin for the bottom of your camera, washers to ensure a tight fit, and a wrench to connect the pin to the camera body.

16.  Lillybee Shoes are the perfect gift for the college girl in your life.  They come in LOTS of school colors and you can even buy matching bows.  They are affordable, adorable and comfy.  I love that these can be worn all year and are comfy for racing around running errands or racing off to class.  These will be a winner for any college girl on your list!

These adorable bows come in lots of colors and can easily be attached to LillyBee shoes.  (Or any shoes!)

These adorable bows come in lots of colors and can easily be attached to LillyBee shoes. (Or any shoes!)


Show your college colors!

Show your college colors!


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