Healthy Eating Made Simple

Okay we’re all busy.  We’re all racing to the next thing all the time.  So how do we stay healthy, give our bodies what it needs to maintain energy and meet the demands we put on it?  Well the answer is tricky.  I’ve looked around the tried lots of what I feel are unique products that can be incorporated into your busy lifestyle.  Oh and they actually taste good!

1.  Nocciolata-This might not be the way to start off a healthy blog post, but this stuff is amazing.  It’s made some simple stuff with nothing else mixed in.  The chocolaty goodness is great for toast at breakfast, as a dip for fruit or even just right out of the jar.  I will admit to eating it this way more than once 🙂  This is something you can feel good about giving your family and they will love it!


Click the jar to find out where to purchase.

2.  Health Warrior’s Chia Bars-These little gems are awesome.  I love these before a morning run, on my way to yoga or just when I’ve hit the afternoon slump.  They aren’t huge so you can eat on the go.  The chia seeds are the ultimate in nature’s energy and the taste is amazing.  Peanut butter and chocolate can’t be beat and it also satisfies that dessert craving.  Oh and these are just 100 calories so you won’t spoil your diet.  These are Gluten, dairy and soy free. 100% vegan. 100% natural.  I love them and always have one in the car, in my purse, in my yoga bag…well you get the idea.  They them, you’ll thank me.  (And I’ve tried a LOT of bars!)
Click the bars to see more flavors and nutrition information.

Click the bars to see more flavors and nutrition information.

3.  Glee Gum is an all natural alternative to gums made with artificial sweeteners.  It’s made sustainably with all natural flavors and it tastes amazing!  It is vegetarian, additive free, lactose free, dairy free, wheat free, gluten free, casein free, egg free, yeast free, nut free, and peanut free. (Soy is present in the facility). Glee is the first gum to be Non-GMO Project Verified.  This is a great tasting alternative to other gums that are full of chemicals and artificial ingredients.  Feel good about what you’re chewing.  Good health comes down to even the smallest decisions and this is an easy change to make.  You’ll be thrilled you did.  They have LOTS of flavors, sizes and even a sugar free option!  Want a discount?  Just code JOY15 for 15% off through February!

Click on the link to view all of Glee's flavors!

Click on the link to view all of Glee’s flavors!

4.  All Beauty Water is a great alternative to plain water.  Each bottle is two glasses of calorie free flavored beverage enhanced with vitamins and nutrients selected to benefit your skin.  Get your glow from the inside out!  These come in two unique flavors Pomegranate Rose and Cucumber Aloe.  During that afternoon slump reach for one of these instead of an artificially sweetened soda and do your body good.


5.  Kelapo extra virgin coconut oil is organic, fair trade and tastes amazing.  There are number of reasons to switch to coconut oil instead of other cooking oils.  You can take a look at all of the benefits on their website.  I love coconut oil for all of these reasons and that it is one of my favorite beauty products.  Whipped coconut oil is the best age fighter and moisturizer.  It beats out any lotion I’ve used, even the pricey ones.  I feel good about putting something healthy and organic into my body and putting it on my skin feels even better.  Kelapo is a great brand to look for.  You can even buy in bulk!


6.  If you still have those chocolate cravings…(and who doesn’t), turn to Wholesome Craving’s Mixes.  They are gluten and dairy free, low in fat and high in protein.  And yes, they taste amazing.  They are less expensive than other mixes I have come across as well.  Take a peek at all of their mix flavors on their website.  You’ll want to have these in the pantry for when you need a “sweet fix”.


7.  When you’re shaving a sweet craving or need something amazing on the go, look to Crispy Greens.  Their wide variety of fruit is simply dehydrated so all of the flavor and all of the nutrients are there, the mess is not.  These are awesome for the winter months when fruits may be a little harder to find.  Long car rides where fruit may spoil or get beaten up and business trips where you may not have time to shop when you get to your destination.  Kids will love these and adults will know their value.  They even sell a value pack!


8.  A big part of eating healthy is knowing what to have in the house. With Stonefire pitas, pizza crusts and naan, a healthy meal isn’t far away.  Their products are made authentically with no preservatives and they taste like they just came from a bakery-seriously.  The pizza crust is delicious and soft.  All you have to do is add sauce and cheese (more toppings if you want of course) and you have an amazing meal.  It’s so yummy, even fussy kids will eat it!  The pita is great to dip into hummus, make a sandwich or even just eat as a snack on the go.  The naan is shockingly authentic and it’s a welcome addition to any meal. I love to have it with my homemade curry.  It really makes the meal.  Stonefire products can be frozen too.  Their products are available at a variety of stores.


9.  If you are looking for a decadent treat for your body and mind, try Righteously Raw Chocolate.  Available in flavors such as caramel and goji, these chocolate bars and bites, are amazing and if I do say so myself, almost qualifying as health food.  These are made of raw chocolate, full of antioxidants and healthy enzymes.  And they are sweetened with agave and coconut sugar.  So you can feel good about treating yourself with these amazing treats that are good for the Earth.  They are:

  • Certified Organic
  • Certified Non-GMO
  • Certified VeganCaramel_Cacao_bar
  • Certified Gluten Free
  • Certified Kosher
  • No Refined Sugars
  • Top 8 Allergen Free

10.  Getting enough protein on the go is tough for an active woman.  And lots of protein shakes come with added chemicals, taste like glue or aren’t forgiving to those with dietary restrictions.  Svelte protein shakes are gluten free, high in protein, low in sugar, dairy free, vegan and non gmo.  They come in four flavors and every one tastes good.  You’ll actually enjoy this protein shake.  They come in a portable container that is resealable if you can’t drink it all at once.  These are great before a workout, after a workout, as an afternoon snack or even before bed.  You will love them.  I love that I can grab it and go and don’t have to mess up the kitchen and blender and they taste like something from a coffee shop!

Svelte shakes come in four great flavors.  Seriously.  They are amazing.

Svelte shakes come in four great flavors. Seriously. They are amazing.

11.  SooFoo products are made in the U.S.A. and organic and vegan.  You’d think that they would taste healthy, but they are full of flavor.  These mixes come in four flavors; Hint of Curry,Moroccan Melody, Garlic&Herb and Original.  They are full of healthy energy foods-lentils, rice, beans, berries, oats and lots of natural seasonings.  I love adding one of these to a simple dish with chicken and some veggies.  It’s fast and easy and looks like I spent all day in the kitchen.  Oh and it keeps my family healthy!  These are also great recipe starters.  In fact, the SooFoo website even have recipes!  Buy all of their flavors on their website.


12.  VROU Water is a great pick me up.  It has only 5 calories, is filled with vitamins and it tastes great.  Instead of reaching for a late afternoon candy bar, treat yourself to a spa like cucumber lime water that will energize you to finish our day strong.  VROU water comes in cucumber lime, orange guava, and pineapple mint.


13.  Refueling is a big part of working out effectively.  Fuel Strip provides you with test strips that you test your sweat with and you are provided with a reading that determines exactly how much fuel you need.  There are four readings; red, yellow, green and blue.  Dependent on the reading you are presented with you eat a pre determined number of chews.  It’s science and can help you fuel when you need to and not overeat when you don’t need the calories.  The chews taste great, and are dairy and gluten free.  You can purchase the strips, the chew or a combo pack!


14.  If you’re looking for a snack with flavor, a crunch and a salty taste, check out Seapoint Farm’s Edamame.  They have multiple flavors available; Spicy Wasabi, Goji Blend, and many more.  I love these snacks because they satisfy your craving for something a little salty and popable.  They are high in protein so not only do they satisfy you for a long time, they are nutritious, have 70% less fat and 40% more protein than peanuts.  I love making trail mix with these!


Click to purchase all of their varieties!

Click to purchase all of their varieties!

15.  A big part of eating healthy is packing your own lunch.  Bentgo allows to you pack your own lunch and to do it in one adorable container!  Use Bentgo for school, traveling (it’s awesome for plane flights!) and work.  It’s recognizable and stands out in the break room fridge or at the lunch table.  It comes in bright and fun colors; grey, green, pink and blue.  Bentgo includes two stackable containers with lids, built-in plastic silverware, and a secure strap for easy transportation. Not only does the Bentgo look awesome with its colorful and sleek design, it is also microwavable, dishwasher safe, & BPA-Free.  I love packing this up at the start of the day with all of the healthy food and snacks I’ll need all day long to avoid the drive through.  Oh and they are affordable!


16.  You know you need to drink more water.  Sometimes it’s hard to remember to take water with you during the course of your day and week.  It’s also hard to have great tasting water on hand.  Reduce makes both of these problems disappear.  Their Water Week (I tested the Cardigan style) is a set of five 16 oz bottles.  They are BPA free and they sit in an easy to store, easy to move tray.  The whole set take up very little room in your fridge.  These even fit in a mini fridge!  I love the idea of filling all of these up and putting them at your desk so you know how much water you need to drink and how much water you have already consumed during the course of your day. The bottles are highly portable and light weight too.  Better yet, they are dishwasher safe. WW-Cardigan-Main_1024x1024


If you don’t always have access to filtered water, Reduce’s Water Filtration Pitcher comes in handy.  It’s a four stage filter that lasts for 60 days.  I like the little window in the pitcher so you can see how much water you have left.  If you’re having people over, this is a great way to provide water or a great way to get great tasting water, even at the office.  Fill up this pitcher once and it fills all of the Water Week bottles.  I love these products and how they help me stay hydrated!


17.  PackIt offers a line of coolers from large to small in a variety of stylish and modern prints.  These coolers are soft sided so they can be folded up when they aren’t in use.  Even their biggest option, the Social Cooler, folds down so small it can fit into a bag.  What I love about these coolers is that the whole bag is insulated!  You don’t have to fuss with messy cooler packs.  This cooler can be thrown right in to the freezer and stays cool for up to 10 hours. I love the idea of taking this grocery shopping instead of taking plastic bags for your frozen items.  What a great item to keep in the car!  And it has amazing carrying straps!  PackIt has smaller options for lunches too!


18.   Powbab’s Fruit Chews are a vitamin and immunity boost in disguise. They are yummy fruit chews.  One chew a day gives you 100% daily antioxidant dose per chew (3000 ORAC value per chew) with daily dose of Vitamins C & E. Good source of Vitamin A. Contains raw, unprocessed whole fruit & other natural ingredients. Organic Baobab fruit pulp is naturally 50% fiber—no synthetics added. Does not contain gluten, dairy, soy, nuts or eggs. Vegan. No preservatives.  They wrapped individually so you can grab one and go.  I love these when I’m traveling or super busy.  Check out these and their other products here.


19.  We all know tea is a healthy option to soft drinks.  However, sometimes loose leaf tea is just enough of a hassle to avoid drinking it. That’s where Umbra’s adorable Dolphin Tea infuser comes in.  Simply pop the brightly colored dolphin off of the filter and fill it with tea.  Then, drop it in and it floats while the perfect cup of tea brews.  Its fins hang off the side of your cup and it looks darling.  This is a great gift too!






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