What The Dog Knows

If you love dogs and want to know a little bit more about what makes them who they are, What The Dog Knows is a great read.  The book follows the life and path of Solo, and his owner as they progress from puppy training to becoming a cadaver dog.

While other books examine dogs and their tendencies through sentimental eyes, this book gives you the facts on the history of dogs in society and how we have worked with them over the years.  From the ancient egyptians to our modern day military dogs have served their human counterparts well.

Through the course of the book the author, Cat Warren meets and chats with historians, animal behaviorists and psychologists.  It’s amazing to see how the knowledge and skill behind working dogs has developed over the years as has our bond with our canine counterparts.

Click to purchase What The Dog Knows

Click to purchase What The Dog Knows

This isn’t a training manual and it isn’t a sentimental book about our love of dogs.  It is an amazing way to dig deeper behind dogs’ abilities and our bond with them.

There is so much that our canine companions do for us; sniff bombs, find missing persons, lead the blind and as Solo does in this book, find cadavers.  It’s not glamorous work, but it’s important work and with the right training a dog like Solo lives a fulfilling and significant life.

After reading this book  I feel as if I have a better understanding of my bond with my dogs.  I know what they are capable of and I can understand how they view their “jobs” and the world a little bit better.  This is a must read for any dog lover.

The book is available on Amazon.

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