Gifts for the Pet Lover (Or For Yourself!)

This month we’ve covered some gear to make sure you and your pet are prepared for everyday living.  Here are some products that are great for the pet lover to give as a gift or to give to themselves.  These are a little something extra to make life with your pet a little sweeter.

1.  If your pet sometimes leaves your home a little stinky, you should give Gerrard Larriett’s aromatherapy candle a try.  The candle comes in a sophisticated glass jar and is hand poured.  It’s made of soy so it’s healthy for your home.  The scent is cedar wood so it’s calming for both you and your pet.  I love that the air smells amazing and everyone calms down just a little.  It’s a great candle to light in the evenings to take the day away.  They also sell sprays!



2. I’m usually against unitaskers in the kitchen, however, this one is too cute not to share.  The Bake A Bone is like a waffle iron for dog treats.  It comes with recipes that can be made quickly and with ingredients you have on hand in your pantry.  Then, just cook them for 8-10 minutes and you have home made, heathy dog treats!  Your dogs will love you for this.  It’s a great activity for kids too!  You can find the Bake a Bone at Brylane Home.


3.  For the person who is hard to shop for and LOVES their pet, try out Amazing Club’s Dog Treat of the Month Club.  Their treats are all natural and so beautiful you can use them as a centerpiece in a jar.  Right now I have some whole wheat winter white trees in a glass dish.  And my fussy dogs love them.  They smell so amazing you’ll be tempted to try them.  Amazing Club offers:

  • Fresh-baked, gourmet dog treats every month!
  • Dog Lover’s Newsletter with every shipment!
  • FREE SHIPPING every month!
  • Personalized gift announcement!


4. Hang Spotless Paw™ on your doorknob or handle, attach it to your belt loop, and stash one in your car. Spotless Paw™ is machine washer and dryer safe. The microfiber’s absorbing properties allow the glove to be used over and over before washing.  I love having this in my car to wipe down my doggies before we get back in after a hike.  Here are some more details about it:

Wipes paws clean without water
Dries quickly
Keep one in your car
Six fingers: use either side on either hand
Protects your hands
Removes loose hairs and reduces shedding
Works great on all sizes and breeds of dogs
Machine washable and dryable


5. Pet Hub is the ultimate tag to identify your pet.  Their tags are made of durable metal with an adorable design of your choice on the front.  You’ll get a little carried away with choosing one that matches your dog’s (or cat’s) personality.  The bag carries a phone number and a QR code that can be scanned on any smart phone.  The code will link person who scans the tag to your contact information as well as details about your pet that they may need to see.  (For example, my dog is deaf.)  You can use their free service or upgrade to add on GPS alerts and instant loss pet posters.  These tags are great little instance policies and they give you peace of mind!


Click photo to see Pet Hub’s wide range of available designs.

6. While this isn’t the nicest of topics, a good pooper scooper can make life a lot easier with dogs.  The Scorpion Scooper has some great features.  It has a leash hook to allow people to hold pets, scoop waste and dispose with one hand! No more bending or touching.


It is all made of metal and heavy plastic. Designed to last. The product can work perfectly with shopping bags or grocery bags, or the doggie bags you may already own.  It also has a high-brightness LED flashlight attached, which will help users see better in dark.


7. When you combine pets and organization, I couldn’t be happier.  LazyBonezz offers a whole line of stylish pet products that help you care for your pet and keep their gear in order.  Their Vinyl Everything Tote is stylish but very effective in holding lots of toys, treats or gear.  I love this for all of the bulky toys my dogs have.  I can carry this by the handles around the room and pick up toys.  It’s an awesome way to keep things in check and make sure none of the toys have pieces missing or broken seams.  When it’s dirty just wipe it out with a damp cloth.


LazyBonezz also has an adorable and durable sleek treat jar.  It holds about 96 ounces and will keep your treats fresh.  When you need to, you can rinse it out with soap and water.  In the meantime it’s a sleek way to store your dog’s treats on your desk, counter or by the door.


8. If you’re looking to give your pooch a luxury sleeping experience, try out Brylane Home’s Comfy Pet Couch.  It comes in two colors and two sizes and the cover can be removed for easy washing.  It’s stuffing is soft and comfy, but firm enough to cup port a larger pet.  The bolsters around the sides allow dogs to prop up their head or to snuggle in and feel secure.  I put this my the window and my dogs love to lay on it while watching birds and to take a mid afternoon snooze.  It wears well and doesn’t show fur.  It’s much more affordable than other premium dog beds too.


Click to see all of the buying options.


9. If you’re looking for an all natural product to use to give your dog a bath, try out 3WayBeauty’s Doggy Style Bar.  Doggystyle is free of parabens, gluten, phthalates, mineral oils, petrolatum, synthetic dyes, preservatives, artificial fragrance and coloring. All packaging is 100% compostable and recyclable. Simply rub the bar between your hands under water and create a foam.  Then wash your doggie!  Not only is it free of chemicals, but it cleans great and smells amazing!  They also have some amazing products for humans 🙂


10. If you’re looking for an adorable toy that holds up under wear and tear, give the Silly Squeaker Beer Bottle toy by VIP Products.  It comes in various themes, every one will make you laugh.  When your dog is carrying this around in your mouth you will laugh.  It’s about the size of a 12 ounce bottle.  It has a squeaker and is made of durable plastic.  See all the varieties by clicking on the picture below.  This is a gift that will make everyone smile!


If you’re looking for a tough toy, look no further than the Ultimate Ring by VIP Products.  This is the ultimate in toys.  It’s soft so it won’t hurt gums or if you’re playing inside, furniture that it may run into.  It’s super durable and stands up to lots of play, chewing and tugging.  It doesn’t get sticky either.  I love that it’s easy to throw and easy to catch.  I have a new puppy and this toy goes everywhere with us!


11.  Fromm dog food is a great holiday treat for your dog.  (They also have cat food!)  Fromm uses a low temperature to bake their food so nutrient degradation is minimal.  Its all processed in the same plant too so your concerns about contamination.  My dog is super active and she needs good nutrition.  She’s also a fussy eater.  She loves Fromm food and its flavors.  Fromm’s food comes in lots of great flavors such as Chicken a la Veg, Pork and Applesauce, and Beef Frittata Veg.  We recently tried Pork and Peas.  My dog likes it so much I get away with passing this off as a treat!  You can take a look at their whole line of products here on their website.


Fromm also makes treats.  My dogs love these.  They are grain free and made with real ingredients.  Seriously, read the list and it sounds like something you’d cook and eat yourself.  You can pronounce everything and it’s all real food.  What a great treat for your dog and you can feel good about giving it to them.FrommTreats

12.  If you want your dog to tell you when they have to go out, try Poochie Bells.  It’s a trusted system of bells that hang by your door.  A few training steps and your dog will ring them when they have to go out.  It’s a great tool for everyone!  Poochie Bells are reinforced bells with no sharp edges.  They hang on a hook by the door or off your door knob and they can easily be run by your dog.  They come in all sorts of colors and patterns and even leather for a more sophisticated look.  I wanted to make my own set of training bells, but these are much more durable, cuter and attached to my door with ease.  Poochie Bells can be found here.  And for anyone who wants to order from them, they are offering FREE SHIPPING!

Click to purchase Poochie Bells.  Free shipping for Joyful Organizer readers.

Click to purchase Poochie Bells. Free shipping for Joyful Organizer readers.

13.  If you want a leash that will be perfect for every circumstance you can find your and your doggie in, try the reLeash.

The reLeash is crafted using excess materials from the Atlas Suspension Strap manufacturing. The upcycled webbing is durable and flexible, ideal for dogs who lounge in the yard or tear through the country.  The leash features a dextrous swivel hook and a side release buckle that allows for three handle conversions: hand-held, waist-worn or fixed-leash (to a tree/post).  recollar


Click to purchase at Eagle Nest Outfitters

The reCollar, available in two sizes, adjusts to fit most dogs. it also features a high-strength side-release buckle and a tag clip to minimize clutter.




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