One Organised Mummy, Part One ~ A Guest Blog Post

One Organised Mummy, Part One
When I was asked to write a piece on being organized as a mum, I thought to myself “What do I know about being organized?”  Then I looked around my small one bedroom apartment that hubby and bubby and I call home, and I realized…. oh yeah, I am one organized mummy!  The organization of a mum begins not when a baby is born, but during pregnancy.  Why? You ask…. well it’s because you need to organize all of bubby’s new belongings from prams, cots, change tables to clothes, toys and bunny rugs.  So here are a few organizational tips from my experience as a mum.


Order the bigger things that you will need for your bub around the second trimester but arrange to pick them up in your third trimester.  This may include your pram, bassinet/cot, change table etc. Ordering them early means you won’t be stressed about not having them organized in advance, and not picking them up until late in your third trimester means you will not have them cluttering your home in the meantime.


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Your bubby will get oodles of clothes.  I’m serious!  They will come in sizes of 5 zero’s to 2 years of age, and suitable for all different seasons regardless of whether the purchaser has figured out how big the baby will be in that season.  My babe was born in winter but I received quite a lot of summer 4 zero’s which he never wore!  So the first thing you need to do is work out what season your baby will be born in (easy!) and place all small sizes of that season in your baby’s drawers.  I placed all 4 zero’s on the left side of the drawer and progressively to the right all bigger sizes suitable for that season.  Clothes that were not suitable for that season and that were clearly never going to fit him the following year, we placed in a separate bag in the bottom of the wardrobe.  And, bigger clothes such as 2 zero’s that were suitable for the season he would wear them in, (so in our case it was summer) I placed in a separate bag in the wardrobe ready to pull out when needed.


It’s inevitable, you will grow out of your clothes and you will do it quickly when you’re pregnant.  To minimize cost and clutter, I knew I only wanted to order a few items of clothes so I had to ensure they were practical.  I think I nailed it!  I ordered three dresses that expanded with my belly and that could be used when nursing after baby arrived.  I ordered the belly belt which extended my old pants but when they got a little tight in the thighs, I bought one pair of black pants that fit me until the end of my pregnancy.  I also brought a couple of basic coloured tops that expanded with my belly.  All the rest of my clothes, particularly my tighter fitting clothes, I packed away under the bed as I knew I wouldn’t fit in them during my pregnancy and more than likely not for six months or so after baby was born.


It is recommended to pack a hospital bag at about six weeks before your due date.  But for me… I was thinking about it long before that!  I had packed my bag and stored it in my wardrobe for many weeks, opening it about once a week and working out what I needed to put in and take out.  Leave your bag in your wardrobe while you think about the things you might need.  Lay everything out on the bed and organize it as many times as you like so you’re comfortable with what you’re taking.  For a list of what to pack in your bag, check out my blog Hospital Bag Checklist.

For more organizational hints for when bubby first arrives, check out Part Two here.

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