Busy Beauty~Product Roundup (and Giveaway!)

Today we’re focusing on beauty on the go.  We have another post with tips from the pros.  In this post I’m going to share with you some great beauty products that help the busy woman look and feel good.  We’ve received samples of some of these products so we’ve tried them out for you and recommend them to you.

Every woman needs lip balm.  Heck, I think every woman needs a lot of lip balm. The more the merrier.  (And there are very few things in life I feel this way about!)  I came across Honesty Margo’s line of all natal lip balms and I had no choice but to smile.  These lip balms are inspired by nature and the scents are amazing.  Seriously, you won’t believe them!  Fruity colada, pumpkin cheesecake and caramel apple are just a few of them.  They come in a package that will make you smile and the tube is small and fits in your pocket and looks cute on your desk.  Want to love these more?  They are made my a 13 year old entrepreneur.

Click to see all of Honestly Margo's lip balms

Click to see all of Honestly Margo’s lip balms

3WayBeauty appeared in our pet guide in February.  Now, I’m sharing with you their amazing multi purpose shampoo, shave and soap bar is made sustainably, and it smells amazing.  What’s important is what is NOT in the bar-parabens, gluten, phthalates, mineral oils, petrolatum, synthetic dyes, preservatives, artificial fragrance and coloring.  These bars are affordable, perfect for the gym and travel and even the package is compostable.

Click to purchase from 3waybeauty

Click to purchase from 3waybeauty

If you want to be able to manicure your nails like the pros, you need to invest is some amazing tools.  Toilet Tree Products sells some amazing stainless steel nail tools including a Nail Nipper and my personal favorite, the Cuticle Clipper.  They are comfortable and easy to use and are great for cutting cuticles and hangnails.  No more ripping or pulling, these make it clean and easy for you to get a professional look at home.  They are a great price too.  Available on Amazon for $19.95 (at the time of posting.)

Click to purchase on Amazon.com

Click to purchase on Amazon.com


Click to purchase any of these products from Goddessy Organics

If you’re looking for some all natural organic options, try Goddessy Organics.  Their products created with your body, mind and the Earth in mind and are make from oils and herbs.  They also offer aromatherapy benefits.  They have a few great products I was able to try.  Their moisturizing oil feels amazing going on and really leaves your skin feeling soft and supple for the whole day.  I recommend this for winter sue when your skin is extra dry and chapped.  Their candle is made from 100% soy.  The scents are amazing and it burns cleanly.  I love burning this on my desk during an especially stressful or busy day.  Finally, treat yourself to a little aromatherapy anywhere with their sachets.  They are great for inside closets, drawers or even in the office.


If you want a great kit to take on the road with you, try Scrubz Take Me Bye Bye kit. The kit is full of amazing smelling, all natural products that feel great on your skin.  This is a great kit as everything is airline friendly, and it’s easy to grab and go in its cute case.  It’s also perfect to give and would make a great hostess or teacher present.  Scrubz also sells full size products and lots of other gift sets.  This kit contains the following:  (1) 2 oz. jar of Scrubz™ in the category scent;  (1) 2 oz. jar of Facez™;  (1) .25 oz. Balmz™; (1) .125 oz. Bye Bye Bagz;  (1) 1 oz. Bye Bye Makeup™;  (1) .25 Lipz Service™; (1) .125 Lipz;  (2) .125 oz. Oilz+  and cotton pads. 

Click to purchase the Take me Bye Bye set from Scrubz

Click to purchase the Take me Bye Bye set from Scrubz

I love inexpensive drugstore finds and Waxelene is the best one I’ve found in a while.  You can find it at CVS, Whole Foods and other stores and it works for just about everything you need moisturized.  There are dozens of ways to use Waxelene.  However, I’m going to list a few of my favorites:

Moisturize lips, hands, feet, face, cuticles and more

After sun relief

Add sugar to it and exfoliate with it

Prevent blistersWaxelene_Tube_0

Soften doggie paws

Lubricate door hinges

For just $4.99 this is a bargain.  I keep this in my bag so I’m ready for anything.  It’s great to travel with too!   It’s cruelty free and contains to sulfates, mineral oil or parabens.


I was intrigued by DHC’s Olive Virgin Oil Swabs.  They are small cotton swabs, individually wrapped with olive oil inside. I was curious about these these would work.  I can say they are now one of my favorite things.  Each small package opens easily and is double sided.  The oil inside isn’t gooey, it’s just enough to take off your eye makeup or to moisturize your cuticles.  I have started keeping them on my desk and using them throughout the day to combat winter dryness.  At $6 for 50 swabs, these are also a great deal.

Click to purchase DHC's Olive Oil Swabs

Click to purchase DHC’s Olive Oil Swabs

You might be shocked to hear it, but oil is one of the best things you can do for your skin.  Cleansing with oil and moisturizing with it afterwards creates moisture, clears breakouts and even creates a dewy glow.  I tried out DHC’s Deep Cleaning oil.  I was skeptical at first to see if my skin would feel clean afterwards.  I was pleasantly surprised that my skin felt wonderfully clean and still not dry and tight as it usually does.  I also tried the cleanser with my Clarisonic and it felt even better.  It won’t clog your pores and it contains no parabens or sulfates .  It’s a gentle solution to harsh cleansers.  Once you’re done with that, moisturize with DHC’s Olive Virgin Oil.  It feel lightweight and the moisture stays all day.  It’s organic and free of fragrance and artificial colors.  It’s a great alternative to thick creams and gooey moisturizers.  It gives you a glow to your skin that allows you to need a little less makeup 🙂

Click to purchase DHC's Olive Virgin Oil

Click to purchase DHC’s Olive Virgin Oi

Click to purchase DHC's Cleansing Oil

Click to purchase DHC’s Cleansing Oil












For a really deep moisturizer, try KNI’s (Know Your Ingredients) all natural Shea Butter Mask.  It’s meant to be applied to the face at night and then cleansed off in the morning.  It is thick, but it moisturizes deep.  Meant to heal fine lines and prevent further wrinkles, it’s a great moisturizer to use overnight.  I also like it for around my cuticles, and my dry hands in the winter months.  It’s all natural and comes in three scents as well as unscented.  It’s also great for eczema.  It’s also less expensive than a lot of other wrinkle creams at $20 for four ounces.

Click to purchase KYI's Shea Butter Mask

Click to purchase KYI’s Shea Butter Mask

If you’re looking to get salon results at home, I have a few products for you.  The first is the Click-n-Curl.  It’s a brush that detaches into two pieces and becomes a curler set. You can of course just use the brush.  (It comes in two sizes depending on your hair length).  However, as you dry your hair and wrap it around the brush, simply detach the handle and let the hair cool around the roller, setting the style.  This is a great way to make sure your blow out last longer.  It also gives you the “extra set of hands” you always feel you need when you are doing your own hair.  You can buy the Click-n-Curl in different colors too. AND, we are GIVING ONE AWAY!  Comment on the blog post about how the Click-n-Curl would help you get ready and you’ll be entered to win!  Enter to win by Mach 14th.

Click to purchase the Click-n-Curl

Click to purchase the Click-n-Curl

Finally, salon results without the toxic chemicals in a DIY home treatment! Liquid Keratin’s 60 Day Straighter Smoother Stronger and Longer Treatment is an exclusive new smoothing system designed to loosen curl, smooth and soften hair, eliminate frizz and repair damage caused by other chemical processes. Hair is left looking and feeling healthier than ever before. Treatment is washed out immediately, so no more waiting 48 – 72 hours! Typical results last 2 – 3 months. Liquid Keratin is a progressive treatment with results improving with continued use.

Click to purchase Liquid Keratin

Click to purchase Liquid Keratin

For a deep moisturizing that also soothes and softens skin, try Egyptian Magic.  It’s made of all natural ingredients and is an affordable option to other more expensive deep treatment moisturizers.  When you open the container is looks like bees wax.  You simply dip your hand in it and rub the “lotion” between your hands until it warms. Then rub it on your legs, any dry or chapped places like elbows, cuticles, and even lips.  I was skeptical about this at first as it’s a no frills container but it’s worked better than anything else I’ve used this winter on my driest patches. I also like to put this on my cheeks before I head out in the cold winter weather.


If you’re looking for the best travel moisturizer, try Herban Lifestyle’s Organic Orange Cocoa Butter Solid Lotion Bar.  It is a small bar that comes in it’s own adorable tin.  The bar can be thrown into your purse, your work bag, a diaper bag or kept on our desk.  Just rub it on your skin and it “melts” and leaves the softest, best smelling moisture you can imagine.  This is amazing on dry feet and cuticles.  I love the dessert like scent and the fact that I don’t have to worry about this spilling in my purse.  Because it’s not liquid you can fly with this in your carry on.

Click to purchase Herban Lifestyle's Lotion Bar

Click to purchase Herban Lifestyle’s Lotion Bar

Herban Lifestyle also makes what has quickly become my favorite chap stick.  It has a lime ginger scent, comes in 85% recycled packaging and is fair trade and organic.  What more could a girl want.  I use it throughout the day and don’t worry about eating chemicals.  It tastes good too 🙂

Click to purchase Herban Lifestyle's Organic Lime Ginger Lip Balm

Click to purchase Herban Lifestyle’s Organic Lime Ginger Lip Balm

Psi Bands aren’t a product for everyone.  However, if you fight nausea due to car sickness, morning sickness or even chemo, the Psi Band can help.  Unlike other accu-pressure bands this one is easy to put on and off and is durable. It can be worn in water if you so choose.  What I love about these bands is that they comes in lots of colors and styles.  You can keep them in your carry on bag when traveling and put it on when you need to.  No one will know you’re fighting nausea.

Click to learn more about PSI Bands

Click to learn more about PSI Bands

Looking for some awesome sunblock?  Try out Block Island Organics.  Their sunblock is available in multiple SPF ranges and is lightweight.  It doesn’t feel sticky when you put it on, perfect for every day wear.  And yes, you should wear sunblock every day!  IT has UVA and UVB protection and is water-resistant.  It’s non toxic and contains minerals.  Best of all, it’s organic.  This is perfect to keep a bottle by the door, in the car and in your beach bag. Protect yourself!  I tried their SPF 15 and it was great for winter use.

Click to view Block Island Organic's entire product line

Click to view Block Island Organic’s entire product line

Affordable, all natural and created with scents that will amaze you, Astrida’s Shea Butter Stick is a great all purpose tool for the on the go woman.  It’s a push up stick that you can moisturize just about anything with-hands, lips, elbows and even cheeks.  This is the perfect tool for in your purse, in you gym bag, the car or even at your desk.  The scents are not too strong, but oh so amazing.  Take care of your body and mind with this little gem.

Click to view all of Astrida Natural's scents and products

Click to view all of Astrida Natural’s scents and products

For the busy woman on the go, sometimes you need to carry a beauty arsenal with you.  Here are a few of my favorite products to carry in your bag for touch ups throughout the day and so that you can look great leaving the gym or before cocktails after work.
Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets-These little sheets tucks into pocket and are lightweight you don’t know they are they.  Simply blot your face with them and all the shine and excess oil is removed.  They don’t smudge your makeup and they don’t leave any residue on your face.  They come in a pack of 50 for under $5.  That a drugstore bargain!
We all fight the occasional pimple. It’s not pretty but taking care of it right away is important to it being gone as fast as possible.  Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment is just what you need to reduce swelling and redness as fast as possible.  This is a little miracle worker, especially if you have a big date or presentation the next day.
If you travel for business, you probably don’t want to take your whole makeup kit with you.  I love traveling with ROC’s Multi Correction 5 in 1 Perfecting Cream.  (It’s a mouthful!). It contains SPF 25, moisturizes and provides blend able coverage.  So instead of taking something for each of these purposes, just take this little wonder bottle.  It’s available at drugstores too so if you forget to pack something this one does triple duty!



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