Egg Carton Organization

I love repurposing things and I love finding inexpensive ways to organize.  So, this week I’ve decided to find as many ways as possible to organize with an egg carton.  There are so many options I can’t share them all with you!  And, there are lots of different types of egg cartons out there as well.  So, buy your eggs accordingly 🙂  Here are a few of my favorites.Egg1

Cut holes in the top of an egg carton for ribbon storage.  This is a great way to keep lots of ribbon on hand, tucked away so it doesn’t unroll.  I also like this idea so you can take out the egg carton and be ready to wrap lots of gifts.  (Great during the holidays)


Egg cartons are awesome drawer organizers.  They hold lots of little items so they don’t float around the drawer creating a mess.  This allows you to keep like items together and see what you have when you open the drawer.


Who needs a fancy sewing box?  Use a small kit like this for every day repairs and touch ups.


No need to buy specialized seed starters.  Use egg cartons to start your seeds inside before the spring officially arrives!


Egg cartons provide organization and protection from breakage for small holiday decorations.  Start saving the cartons in the fall so you have plenty on hand after the holidays.  This also helps keep sets together.



Create a picture hanging kit or organize all of your small pieces of hardware with an egg carton.  This is a great way to make sure you always have the correct size crew, bolt or nut on hand.  It also makes it easy to carry them with you around the house while you perform maintenance.  Egg7

Instead of piling those K-Cups on the counter, organize them in egg cartons.  You’ll always know what you have and they won’t fall all over the place anymore.


Egg cartons are amazing for jewelry.  They hold earrings, necklaces, bracelets and accessories together and so you can see them.  If you have an egg crate that can be closed you can even use this option for travel.  Lay them out flat in a drawer so you can easily access everything.


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