Organize Your Photos to Leave a Legacy

Most homes have buried treasure in them. Loads of family memories are stashed away in all sorts of old media and waiting to be modernized and shared.  I knew that people needed a place that they could go to that was full of the ideas, knowhow and lots of equipment to get the job done and to share those memories.  Leave A Legacy was created to passionately and skillfully help people create and preserve family memories for generations. We believe that everyone has a story to tell – no matter how seemingly insignificant it may seem.  We believe that not just one person in a family should be the holder of the family memories.  We believe that our lives and our memories are finite and priceless.


We digitize all types of old media including photos, slides, negatives, documents, video tapes of all sorts, miniDVDs, reel-to-reel audio, cassettes, records, movie films (8mm, super8mm and 16mm) and more. The possibilities of what can be done with this media once it is digitized are endless. If you can imagine it we can probably do it.


If starting with an old family album or dusty box of family photos the first step may be organizing the photos. We can do the sleuthing required to organize your photos either by theme (holiday, hobby or event) or chronologically.  For those that are already organized or those that plan to organize after they are digitized don’t have to go through the initial organization step.  Next comes digitizing. Scanning the photos and saving it as a digital image. If you have your photos organized we can preserve your system by saving your groups to digital folders. Your groups might be a bundle of rubber banded photos or a single album. The folder will be named as you indicate perhaps “1970s”, “France”, or “Large Brown Album”. Once it’s digital the options are wide open. They may just be saved to disk for you to use as you like on your computer. Others choose to also create what we call a DVD slideshow. It is each of your photos shown in sequence along with a title and music on a DVD that plays on your computer or DVD player. Some choose to chronicle their memories in a book. We create both family history books (lots of text with photos inserted at the right place) and photo books (full color, laid out creatively and with typically more photos than text).  We do the entire layout with your input and approval. Then we print and bind your book, most of which is done right in our studios.  Some precious photos are in need of restoration. That is also done after the photo is scanned. The transformation that is possible is hard to believe. Once a photo is restored digitally we typically print out a fresh new version of your photo. This brings me to a story of my own.


Our family has one of those old oval photos in a domed glass frame. It’s the photo of the family farm in South Dakota that was settled by our ancestors. My mother once asked me if I’d like it. I heartily accepted the offer. But later the offer was rescinded and the photo was given to my brother. You see my mother was the oldest of the oldest of the oldest….but I am not, my brother is. So as it goes, the photo was given to him. I assure you that the photo would look much better in my house. It fits with the style you see. However, once I started my business, Leave A Legacy, I asked my mother to borrow the oval photo from my brother. We scanned it in and printed several copies. Now not just one person in the family has this family treasure but I have a copy and so do my aunts and uncles and great aunt and her family. The point of this story is that modernizing your old media makes it much easier to share the memories with other family members and you won’t have to worry about some storm or disaster destroying your only copy.



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