Start the Conversation: Women and their Finances – A Guest Blog Post

Every woman wears an invisible sign that says “Make me feel important.”  Some days it might feel like the sign says “Please charge me more for auto services.”  Or “Go ahead, wear me down with your sassiness, little person I created.” Or my personal favorite, “I am not allowed to have peace and quiet in the bathroom.” But nonetheless, it boils down to this: we all want to be appreciated and loved.

At their best, women are so supportive and encouraging.  We lift each other up in times of great misfortune and celebrate in times of triumph or little victories.  One thing that I had not considered was how crucial it is to support women and share the knowledge of a very important topic all too often swept under the rug – women and their finances.


In the Fall I attended a fashion show in which my Mom was asked to be a model.  Her women-owned financial planner team tapped into their pool of female clients for an evening of fashion complete with dinner, drinks, a fashion show and on-site boutique shopping.  How fun, right?  No pressure, no obligation whatsoever.  They just wanted to provide some very useful information (and a hard-earned glass of wine!) to the sizable crowd gathered to help spread the word and educate us all.  What they presented both surprised and motivated me.

Many of us know that in general women are more likely to outlive men.  We know that when it comes to salaries, women still make less than men.  It was sobering to find out that women also save less than men yet 90% of women will have sole responsibility for their finances at some point in their lives.¹

Kind of daunting to think about? I thought so.

When it comes to my kids I’ve always said “After fourth grade math, I’m out!” So I am the last person to feel comfortable in this realm.  But some great tools were shared that made this task seem less overwhelming.  For example, we were encouraged to get started on organizing our finances.   Tasks like keeping important documents in one place such as a personal safe, monitoring our credit reports and creating and updating a will.


There was a checklist we received called a Financial Information Locator that notes where all important documents are kept like birth certificates, life insurance policies and bank account information.  A monthly spending planner and net worth calculation sheet was introduced. All of these things can be found in an online search.

The point being once we get our arms around what we have in place we can take the next step to consult with a planner for a consultation and KEEP the conversation going.

What better way to let a woman know she is important than helping lead her to a path to sustain her finances into her later years?

JenTitanimom is a 40-something work at home Mom living in the Midwest with her husband and their three blessings.  When she was little she had dreams of starring on Broadway in the musicalAnnie or being a creator of Hallmark cards (because her Dad always said she would be good at that).  She worked in the corporate world of Human Resources for eight years and following a childhood passion for writing, had a few essays published in magazines, including Fit Pregnancy. 

Working towards staying home with her children, she built a successful career with a direct sales company for over 10 years.  After welcoming her third child at age 39, life changed, priorities shifted and her and her husband are currently pursuing a license to be foster parents with the intent to adopt.

She writes about all the strength, chaos, love and humor it takes to be a woman and a mom.  You can visit her blog at or follow her on pinterest at


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