Gear Up For Summer With Your Dog~Earth Bath and Kurgo (and Thirty One)

Heading out for summer fun means you need to do a little preparation and be safe with your pooch.  I was able to try out some of Kurgo’s products to help you get and stay fit (and safe!) with your dog!


Their Quantum Leash is pretty awesome.  I love it because I can grab one leash and use it any way I need to.  I like to run with my dog around my waist and that’s easy to do.  If I’m walking and need to be hands free for a phone or coffee, I can wear the leash cross body.  Of course you can also hand hold the leash or tether it if you’re stopped at a picnic table on a hike.  The best part, is that this leash does double duty for two dogs!  The leash is soft to hold (For other dogs owners who have dogs who are high energy you know why this is important!) and bright in color so you can always find it.  Working out with your dog means better health for everyone.  If you have the right gear, it’s going to be easier and more enjoyable for everyone.


If you’re thirsty, your dog is too.  And while many owners bring water bottles for themselves, they often forget their pooches.  Instead of taking an extra bottle, just bring along a collapsable bowl like Kurgo’s Collapse a Bowl.  It pops down so it’s flat and attaches to their Quantum Leash.  This way you always have it on hand.  You can stop, let your dog drink and then collapse it again and be on your way.  It’s BPA free and dishwasher safe.  I like that it is light weight and can be thrown into any bag without taking up space or adding weight.  Because it is silicone, it also sits easily and firmly on the floor of a tent or car.


Being safe means being seen.  Kurgo’s Reflective Dog Vest runs on batteries and offers visibility for hundreds of feet.  Even if you decide not to use its light up feature, the reflective orange vest stands out in the woods.  Awesome for hiking, hunting or swimming, this vest helps you see your dogs and others see both of you.  (I like to use it while my dog is swimming so I can clearly see her in the water.)  It’s adjustable and my dog doesn’t even know she’s wearing it.  It’s light weight and cool and gives me peace of mind and safety.


Summer is coming and that means messy dogs.  This year, gear up with some great grooming tools and no matter what your pups get into you’ll come out smelling clean and looking good.

I’ve loved and used Earth Bath products for my dogs for years.  I keep their Grooming Wipes on hand in my home, car and I always have a small pack in my hiking bag too.  They are great to make sure your dog doesn’t get the car dirty, but also to make sure their paws are clean and well cared for.  In the winter, they wash off salt and in the summer, dirt.  They come in different scents so you can choose one to fit your mood or your dog’s personality.  This is a great tool to use in between baths, or to wipe off not so clean areas of your pet when need be.  These are gentle and all natural.  A MUST for an active dog owner.


If your dog could use a little freshening up, especially after some outdoor play or a swim, try Earth Bath’s Deodorizing Spritz.  They come on lots of scents and they all smell amazing.  They go on easily and aren’t sticky.  They actually make your dogs fur feel softer and it smells amazing.  It’s a great way to “condition” your dog’s skin and coat without having to give them a full bath.  Everyone appreciates a good smelling doggie!  I love the lavender and my dogs do too!


Create yourself a doggie grooming kit that’s ready to go anywhere with Thirty One’s Littles Carry-All Caddy.    It’s just the right size for all the doggie necessities and it’s handle makes it easy to carry anywhere your doggie is.  I love the little mesh pouch on the side. It’s great for a wet sponge or messy brush.  What I love the most isn’t just the nautical stripes on this, but you can embroider a paw print so you always know what’s inside!


Earth Bath has so many different types of dog shampoo that I don’t have space to tell you about all of them.  However, I will tell you that if you have a concern or a special need, they have a shampoo for it.  I love the Mango Tango Shampoo.  It smells fresh and clean, but not over powering.  It leaves their fur soft and fluffy.  It washes off salt water, dirt and other puppy dirtiness without much work at all. It’s soap free and won’t wash off their flea preventative.  It’s biodegradable too.  Shampoo and conditioner in one make washing easier for me and help keep my dogs looking great.




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