Travel Product Roundup

Please note I received samples of some of these products in order to be able to write these reviews.  My opinions are my own and are not influenced in any way.  


The summer travel months are here!  I wanted to help you have stress free travels this year, regardless if they are road trips or flights around the world.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Believe it or not, a notepad can improve your trip this summer.  Knock Knock’s What To Pack notepad ensures you don’t leave anything important at home and don’t overlook the obvious.  I will admit, even I have left the house without socks or some other important item in the past.  The note pad covers the five basic categories of basics, clothing, hygiene, accessories and miscellaneous.  It also reminds you “bring half of what you think you need.”


While you’re in the car with the kiddies Knock Knock’s On-the-Go Game Pad will make all the difference.  It has five games in one easy to carry note pad; fortune teller, categories, dots and boxes, tic-tac-toe and hangman.  With 12 sheets of each game, this will keep the kids occupied for hours of on the road fun.  Keep it on hand for when you have to turn off the electronics on the plane or when the batteries run out!


Headed out on the road this summer? Make sure your car is smelling great.  Little Trees air fresheners are iconic, but the scents are far from old fashioned.  With scents from Pine to Margarita to Leather, there is something for everyone.  They are a great way to overcome stinky sports gear, sea weed, and even fast food.  They are inexpensive too!  Check out the whole selection on their website.


If you want to make packing, unpacking and getting dressed on vacation easier, try Travel Wise’s 2 Piece Packing Cube Set.  It comes in various colors, so each member of your family can have their own color designation.  The cubes allow you to organize your clothing by day, type or even temperature.  They are a great way to count out clothes and then make sure you have everything together for your trip.  They are especially awesome for baby and toddler clothing, which is so small in size it can become unruly in a suitcase.  I love that my clothes arrived contained and neat and tidy.  I can take one cube out at a time and keep the rest tucked away until I need them.  Roll clothes inside the cubes for an even better organizational system.  You can order them at Eat Smart.


You’ll only need one cosmetic case when you travel this year with Lug Life’s Towboat Nautical Case.  With it’s two compartments, one larger, one smaller you can contain all of your shower necessities, makeup and medical necessities.  There are brush holders and even a removable mesh compartment.  The best part is the adorable nautical theme and the durable material.  This cosmetic case with serve you well and make you happy!

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I love this site.  It allows you to find things to do, plan your walking route and then print it all out and take it with you!

If you use a laptop on the go, you’re going to want to know about the Aero-Tray.  (I’m always working on the couch, in the airport, in the car, etc!).  The Aero-Tray is a lightweight option that allows you adjust the angle and height of your computer to make yourself comfortable. It’s durable and light weight (1.5 pounds).  It expands to give you two levels of space (and cup holders!).  If you work on an airplane and don’t fly first class, this maximizes your space and allows you to have a drink AND a laptop at your seat!  It fits into a carry on bag too!  I love this…it’s made working at Starbucks, on my lap and in hotel rooms much more comfortable (and secure)!


Click to purchase the Aero-Tray

Traveling can really dry out your skin.  Give it a refresh with DHC’s Q10 Water Mist.  The portable toner is easy to spray on your face over or under makeup.  It’s light weight and doesn’t leave a sticky film.  It’s moisturizing and so easy to spray on after a long plane flight, car ride or even after a day at the office.  You’ll reach for this over and over again.  It’s a great tool to have in your summer beauty bag!


Puffy eyes after a trip?  Use DHC’s Revitalizing Moisture Strips.  They are similar to other facial strips you may have used. However, they are not meant to remove anything, they leave behind a refreshing moisture that leaves you looking refreshed and restored.  They are easy to apply and come in single use packets so they are awesome to throw into a bag or your purse.  Use these on the plane and arrive looking refreshed!


Everyone has electronics and everyone needs to keep them clean.  The Mobile Clean & Go is a cleaner and cloth in one small, easy to carry container.  I love this as it can be used up over time and is something everyone can use.  It’s effective too.  My husband loved this little set to use on the go for his photography gear.  It also cleans computers, iPads, phone, and iPads.  It’s affordable too!


If you have dietary restrictions or just want to eat healthy on the go, try out this app:

Never leave home without your gear and luggage labeled.  Swagger Tags helps with that!  TheSwagger Tag comes in lots of colors.  It attaches via sturdy ties (each tag coms with 3 so you can move it from place to place).  Your personalized photo is what people see on the outside.  The inside of the tag holds your personal information.  It’s easily opened and keeps your luggage safely labeled with your information, just in case it loses you 🙂


These are also great for kid’s sports gear, backpacks or company bags.  At just $3.99 a piece, they are a great deal.   It’s durable too!

While traveling and even during your daily life, losing your electronics can be a disaster.  Nio’s Tag System is an easy way to make sure you and your phone don’t get separated.  You sync the Nio tag with your phone by downloading a free app and then carry the tag with you and your device.  (You can add the tag to your keychain or slip it in a pocket or purse.)  If Nio and your phone/electronic device become separated, an alarm sounds.  So you’ll never be able to walk away from your phone without knowing it again!  This is also awesome for your carry on luggage.  Check out the Nio tag system on their website.


You may have heard of Thirty One Gifts.  They offer an entire line of luggage, accessories, travel items and even baby gear that is as fashionable as it is functional.  I was able to try out a few of their products.  I guarantee this will keep your trips organized, your car in good order and you’ll love looking at them.

Their Pack n’ Pull Caddy is perfect for busy days in the car, at the park or traveling around a city.  It’s divided up into two compartments and had stable sides and a bottom.  You can place lots of things into it without fear they will get jostled around.   There is a special pocket with a pull through slot for dryer sheets, baby wipes or tissues.  There is a velcro tab inside to hold trash bags as well.  This container attaches to a head rest in the car too!  It’s durable and attractive.  It’s awesome to leave by the door and throughout the day or evening, put everything you need for the next day into it.  (Mail, drinks, baby supplies, snacks, chargers, and more) and then bring it to the car in the morning.  It’s also awesome for creating a mobile office for those on the go!


Need to gather up all those snacks and toys and games while traveling with your kids?  The Flip-Top Organizing bin is a perfect fit.  It fits a lot of items that traditionally end up all over the backseat and you can buckle it in so it doesn’t slide around.  I particularly love the side mesh pockets-perfect for little hands to access crayons or snacks.  The best part?  It’s that the top comes off and can be used as an easily cleanable lap desk!  Snack, game or draw on it and then put it back on the bin!  How awesome is that?


If you’re tired of carrying around heavy luggage?  The City Weekender is perfect for a trip to the country over the weekend or a cross crony flight.  It has a shoulder strap and two handles so you can carry it any way you want.  (I prefer hands free.)  It fits in the over head compartment on a plane and under your feet in the car.  It’s light weight so feel free to fill it up with your gear.  I was shocked at how much it fit 🙂  You can have it customized too so you always know it’s your coming off the luggage belt!


Being connected on the go is important.  If you plan on working while traveling you need a little help.  That’s where D-Link’s Portable Router and Charger comes in.  It allows you to share a single internet connection while on the go by creating an instant Wi-Fi hotspot.  So, if one member of your party has internet access on their phone, you can ALL access the internet.  It also serves as a portable battery and you can charge your devices.  How awesome is that?  I know that I can always use a second charge after being on the road all day long.  You can even share files using this device.  This is a must have for any business traveler or for a family road tripping.


When you’re traveling you usually want to take trial size products with you.  However, these can be hard to find in your particular brand.  They also waste packaging and are expensive to purchase.  I found a product called Toothpaste 2 Go.  The kit includes  two tubes and a special adapter that allows you to fill the tubes from our own tube of toothpaste.  This is a great option for business or frequent travelers.  It could also work for other products I’m sure (although that hasn’t been tested).  When you’ve used the whole tube of toothpaste, just pop it in the dishwasher!  Save time and money with this little gem!


If you’re on the go a lot of the day, you probably pack water for yourself.  Or, you are buying plastic water bottles.  IceBox Water is changing all of that.  Not only is the water PH Balance, crisp and clean but it comes in a biodegradable container.  You can drink right from the carton (it has an easy to use mouth and a resealable cap) or pour it into a glass.



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