July Product Roundup~Everything you need for a day at the beach

Okay normally all of our products are organizing related or things that will your life easier.  This month some of the products I’m going to chat about will be summer themed.  Having a great summer really does depend on being prepared, buying the right gear and knowing what to get.  Here are some of our favorites for summer fun!  From soup to nuts, this is everything you need for a day at the beach!

Calendula by Boiron USA is a homeopathic cream and lotion that will ease all of your summer skincare woes.  From itching to sunburn it soothes and moisturizes without chemicals or harsh scents.  When you’re out sweating int he summer sun and get chafed, Calendula Cream can help.  It also helps small cuts and scrapes. I know that no matter how hard I try, I’m always covered in them in the summer from hiking, yard work and playing with the dogs.  I’m happy to have a homeopathic cure that I feel good about in my medicine cabinet!


If you’re gardening, enjoying the backyard or chasing kids around the beach, sun protection is super important.  UV Skinz offers a wide range of UV protective sun wear for every member of your family. I was able to try out a long sleeve women’s top.  It was comfortable and not too hot to wear, even during activity.  It’s nice to swim in too. I find that because you’re cool when you’re swimming and having fun, you’re often not as cautious as you should be about applying and reapplying sunscreen.  Their gear is less expensive than other brands offering the same protection too.  Check out all their options, colors and style on their website.


Packing a water bottle is a must for any summer adventure.  I recently found CUSTOM water bottles on Etsy, at Natbug Crafts.  These water bottles can be completely customized with your favorite font, design and colors. Then you can add your initials!  It’s an awesome ways to keep everyone’s water bottles straight and to look good while staying healthy.  Their water bottles are BPA free and shatter proof.  There is a flip top lid with a straw and it holds 24 ounces.  I love these!

Photo courtesy of Natbug Crafts

Photo courtesy of Natbug Crafts

If you’re looking for an all encompassing line of sun care, check out Sun Zone.  They offer sun care for every need you could possibly have.  From work to kids to sunscreen to wear in the pool, they have you covered.  Their sun screens are non greasy and light  and very water resistant.  They come in lotions and sprays.  I particularly like the Family spray version.  It’s a “one size fits all” solution to just about any place I go and need sunblock.  These are awesome to keep in the car.  Spray it on before you head out for a hike or to play at the park.  They are also great for the beach or pool as well.  if you work outside, consider their work version with SPF 60.  They smell nice and work great.


BHIf you’re looking for the most comfortable beach chair out there, check out Brylane Home’s Zero Gravity Chair.  It comes in three colors, and the specially designed chair takes pressure off your body and leaves you feeling comfortable and relaxed.  This chair is super comfy and its fabric still keeps you cool and comfortable.  The frame is rust resident and it folds up easily for storage or transportations.  When it gets dirty, just use a wipe to clean it off and it holds up to 250 pounds.  I love reading in this chair, sitting and chatting in it around the fire or even using my laptop in it.  It’s amazingly comfortable and fun!  It measures 39″H x 39″W x 65″L, 21″W seat (14½”H floor to seat).


If you’ve accidentally spent too much time outside, you need to think about repairing your skin and giving it the moisturizer it needs.  It happens to all of us….we are out longer than we thought or sweat and swam and our sunblock didn’t last as long as we’d hoped.  Block Island Organic’s sunburn relief is filled with the stuff your skin is craving.  It has lidocaine to help with the pain but it’s also filled with cucumber, aloe and Vitamin E to repair your skin as quickly as possible.  I love this as it’s a great way to end any day outside!   It’s vegan, paraben free, contains no artificial fragrances and it’s made in the USA.


We all know how I feel about using chemicals to clean your home.  And it’s very hard to find natural and effective products.    I was able to try out a number of Grab Green’s products and they were all amazing.  The one thing I loved in particular was their scents.  They are distinct, unique and absolutely amazing.

Keeping your hair out of your face and making sure the humidity has not made you look like a puff ball are challenges us ladies face in the summer.  It’s hard to look cute while staying cool.  I just found a brand of headwear I’m in love with.  Pistil Designs has adorable and comfortable headwear you’ll wear all day.  I was able to try out two headbands….

The Bonnie headband is like a pair of comfortable sweat pants on your head.  It’s cute and can be worn as a large, wide band or as a scrunched up band.  The cotton isn’t too tight on your head and it keeps you cool, even outside playing in the sun.  I’ve worn this band for spin class, running and hammock sitting and it’s great for everything.  The Bonnie band comes in four colors too.  Oh, and it has a great name 🙂


If you’re looking for something a little dressier, check out their Zinnia Headband.  It’s made of cotton so it feels and looks like a crisp sundress.  The pattern is striking but not over bearing.  The flowers, pattern and colors match just about any top you put on and it gives you a polished, pulled together look instantly.


If you’re looking for an all natural solution, try Previse Skincare.  They carry a whole line of items, but their cooling Sunsheet is amazing.  It’s long wearing and you don’t need to apply a lot.  It’s thick so you know where you have applied it.  The cooling effect feels wonderful….making you forget you just applied sunscreen at all!  The company also rocks at helping out.  The owner is climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in August to raise awareness and money for the American Academy of Dermatology.  For every bottle you purchase now, $18 is donated towards their cause.  Find out more here.


Okay I recently found this really awesome store, Sunglass Warehouse.  They sell fashionable and affordable sunglasses.  Their sunglasses include the most recent trends and they even come in polarized options.  Sunglasses don’t have to break these bank.  The variety at Sunglass Warehouse is large and you will find options for men and women.  I love that you can get a few pairs to match all of your outfits and summer moods, instead of just one for the same price.  I also love that they arrive at your doorstep!

For all those summer trips, snacks play a very important role.  Stop using disposable plastic bags this year and try out Blue Avocado’s line of reusable snack bags.  They are lead, PVC and BPA free.  They can be washed with soap and water or even just tossed in the washing machine.  They secure with a zipper so nothing leaks out and there are no stray crumbs.  This set of two are about 8.5″x7″.


They also come in a set of three, which measures 8.5″x4.5″.  I love these for cosmetics, office supplies and a million other little things  carry with me throughout the day.

FoldedBlue Avocado’s foldable shopper is one of the best I’ve used.  It’s easy to fold up into its small pouch.  The pouch is small enough to fit into your purse or sit in the glove box.  It’s made from recycled bottles so you’re helping the environment before you’ve even saved one bag!  It’s about Shopper

18″x6″x14.5″.  It’s heavy duty and easy to carry by the wide shoulder straps.  It holds a lot of groceries and is still easy to carry. It’s also machine washable so you can toss it into your weekly laundry.  I also like that it’s lightweight enough to not weigh you down.

Want a healthy and energizing drink for the beach?  Try Drink Chia.  Their bottled drinks are full of vitamins and energy.  They taste amazing and come in easy to carry bottles.  I love that they are only 50 calories and rehydrate you after a day of summer sports or sun.  Chia seeds are amazing energy boosters-perfect for a long summer day on the go.  Drink Chia comes in Lemon Blueberry, Mango Tangerine, Honeysuckle Pear and Strawberry Citrus.


One more thing….if you’re going to be active outside, you need to protect your eyes.  Native Eyewear’s Roan sunglasses are polarized so they protect your eyes but they are cute enough so they protect your style too.  Their durable blue frames are just what you need to compliment your running wardrobe or look great to and from yoga class.  Native Eyewear has an entire line of sunglasses for men and women that meld fashion with function.  Check them out!  


Summertime means heat.  And hot feet can lead to blisters and hot spots.  That’s where Balega comes in.    Their summer weight socks are comfortable and not ply keep your feet dry, they prevent blisters and keep your feet in great shape.  They are designed to stay in place too. The tab on the heel makes them easy to put on and they don’t slip down into your shoe…I wore a pair of these on a long hike and they didn’t move at all.  Belega’s Ultra Light Socks feel like you have nothing at all on your feet.  They are like air conditioning for your feet.  They aren’t pricey either!  I’m in love with all the candy colors.  It makes them easier and quicker to match on laundry day.



After your day at the beach, pamper your skin with Elite Therapeutic’s Premier Creme.  It’s so silky and fast absorbing that you’ll be look forward to putting it on.  It can be used on even the most sensitive of skin and feels great after being in the sun.  It also has anti aging properties!  I usually have “breakthrough” dryness throughout and the day and with this, my legs and arms stayed looking and feeling great!  I you know someone going through radiation, this is a great creme for them as well!

Elite Therapeutic’s also has an amazing lip balm…it nourishes your lips, prevents aging and feels LipBalmamazing.  It’s kinds of like a little spa treatment for your lips.  It is a wonderful day to treat yourself throughout the day.  Great for those with dry or sensitive skin or special needs.


  1. […] Elite Therapeutic’s also has an amazing lip balm…it nourishes your lips, prevents aging and feels amazing.  It’s kinds of like a little spa treatment for your lips.  It is a wonderful day to treat yourself throughout the day.  Great for those with dry or sensitive skin or special needs. (Read More) […]

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