Summer Gear For Your Dog

Please note I received samples of some of these products in order to be able to write these reviews.  My opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way.

Summer means being active.  If you have a pet you love, I bet they are traveling with you and taking part in your summer adventures.  I wanted to tell you about some gear that will help you and your dogs stay safe while having fun this summer.

Summer means dirt.  And dirt means that you and your pooch are going to have to take a bath.  Wahl’s Oatmeal shampoo is a great way to sooth skin irritated by the great outdoors, bugs or even sun.  It contains aloe, coconut and oatmeal.  It smells amazing and because it’s a concentrate, the bottle last a LONG time.  It’s all natural so you can feel good about using this on your pooch.


Your dog needs snacks while working out too.  It’s not always easy to carry dog treats and keep them separate from your snacks, but Yaff Bar fixes that.  It’s a high energy bar designed for you to share with your dog!  (Why didn’t someone think of this sooner?)  The Yaff Bar does actually taste amazing and it comes in Banana Peanut Butter, Blueberry Crunch and Honey Almond Crunch.  They taste like a home made treat and keep you and your pup on the go and fueled up!


Be seen anywhere with Mudd + Wyeth’s double sided spot bandana.  Made from durable nylon it’s double sided so you can pick your color of the day.  Bright orange on one side and neon yellow on the other with adorable, reflective polka dots to make sure you’re both seen.  It’s available in four sizes so big or small you’re ready for adventure!


Afraid of getting separated from your dog?  Stick n Find is a great invention that lets you know exactly where your dog is at all times.  It’s a small tag that you can attach to your dog’s collar (or cat, wallet, keys, etc) that pairs with a phone app that allows you to track the device.  You can view the items on a “radar” map that shows you exactly how far away the tag is.  For you can get alerts when the item comes within 150 feet of you.  If your item goes out of range, you will receive an alarm.  This is great in case the fence in your backyard breaks, a leash gives way or your pet just slips out of sight.  This is a great way to stay organized and know where everything is 🙂

StickSummer activity means fun for your dog.  Zuke’s has something for every one of your dogs needs.  Here are some of my favorites:

Zuke’s Lil’ Links are a treat your dog will go crazy for.  Seriously!  I opened the box these came in and my dogs were all over this bag!  These are made from real meat, vegetables and antioxidant rich spices.  Containing no artificial ingredients these are the treats my dogs will do anything for.

Zuke’s Mini Naturals are my go to training treat.  These are small enough to easily fit into their diet but they love them and will pay attention immediately when they smell I have a Zuke in my hand!   They have only 3.5 calories per treat so I’m not at risk of over feeding my dog by treating a few of these while we’re training or out on the trail.

Skinny Bakes are a great watt to treat if your dog is on a meat free diet.  They are like mini dog bones! They are under 10 calories a piece and made of all natural vegan ingredients and come in three flavors.

Skinny Bakes

I’m always afraid to bring toys outside to play for fear they will get ruined.  I was lucky enough to try out Bionic’s Urban Stick and I’m thrilled to say it stands up to everything my dogs throw at it.  The stick has stood up to a lot of throwing, chewing and even time on the trail.  I was baby sitting another dogs so all three dogs were playing tugs, chase and pull with this toy and afterwards, it looks no worse for wear.  The center can even be stuffed with treats 🙂  The toys comes in four sizes too so you can get one that fits your dog!


If you’ve taken your dog swimming or hiking, chances are you don’t want them hopping up on your nice clean car seats.  Solvit’s Waterproof Cargo Liner allows you to put your dogs in the back of your car for a quick wipe down and you’ll have no fear of damage or dirt to your car.  This is also great for carrying any other cargo you don’t want on your car’s interior (plants, dirty items from the garage, etc).  I love that I can take this out of the car and throw it right in the wash, then put it back in its place in no time at all.  It’s easily removed and is worth it’s weight in gold in protecting my car.


If you have an aging dog, this product could literally change your life.  Help Em Up is a hip and chest harness with two handles that allow you to easily maneuver your dog in and out of cars and up and down stairs with ease.  It comes in four sizes and really makes the process of going outside just to use the restroom.  Arthritis among dogs has more than doubled recently and dogs are living longer than ever before.  A harness like this reduces your dog’s pain but also reduces YOUR pain.  You can leave the harness on all the time so the dog is always ready to go!


If your dog is going to hit the water, a life jacket is a good idea.  I was able to try out Kurgo’s Surf N Turf jacket can be worn in and out of the water.  The Surf N’ Turf jacket is an all in one solution.  Perfect for when you’re trying to travel light or going camping!  It can be used as a light rain coat or three season cost.  (The floatation liner is removable.)  It has handles so you can quickly and easily grab your dog when need be.  You can hook  a leash onto your choice or two metal brings.  It’s brightly colored and lightweight so it’s awesome for travel and heading out on the road or even to the park.  You’ll never lose your dog in the water with this on!   You can even throw it in the washing machine when need be.


Traveling with your dog means keeping them safe.  A crate is a must to make sure they are safe in the car and in strange places.  Some hotels even require the use of a crate. If you’ve ever traveled with a metal crate it isn’t the easiest thing to do. They are heavy, bulky and loud.  The Go Pet Club Travel Crate at makes live easy.


Available in five sizes, you can find the perfect one for your dog.  It’s made of durable nylon that is water resistant and has a steel frame.  I’ve used this inside and outside…it’s great for camping as the crate won’t puncture the bottom of a test.  It also comes with pegs to fasten the crate to the ground if need be.  The floor is washable, waterproof and has an amazingly soft When folded, pet home takes up 93% less space and 44% lighter.  I set this up and left the door open and this is how I found my dog shortly after.


If you’re looking for a little luxury for you and your pet, try Gerrard Larriett’s aromatherapy line.  I was able to try their shampoo and spray.  They are effective and smell amazing.  They are all natural and can be used on cats or dogs.  Check out what their shampoo boasts:


100% safe for cats and dogs~100% biodegradable Formulated for sensitive skin~Paraben-free Dye-free PH-balanced for cats and dogs~Made in USA ~

Their spray is equally amazing.  I love it for my dog and for me too.  It makes her coat soft and smells amazing.  She can’t tell me if it makes her happy, but I know it smells great and makes me smile!


Last but not least, is Scaredy Cut.  I am not sure where this has been all along, but I’m so glad it’s come into my life!  This scissor set is easy to use and mirrors a professional grooming.  The best part is that their scissors are so quiet that even the most skittish dog won’t run away.  They have Tiny Trim scissors that are for touch ups and small spaces around the face.  These are also amazing for paw fur!  I’m always trying to NOT cut my dog’s paws and these make it easy and quick.  The 8 piece grooming kit comes with a pair of scissors and seven different combs for different fur lengths.  The combs change easily and quickly and they are amazing for the different lengths and types of fu you may encounter.  They come in pink and blue.  Oh and grooming at home will save you money!


This next product is one you’re going to wonder why you didn’t invent. Jojo Pet’s matching bowl and mat set includes beautiful mat that you place down to protect your floor from doggie food and water splashes.  The matching two bowls are enamel and looks like they are decor items, not doggie bowls.  The best part is that the mat is magnetic so the bowls don’t move whiny our dogs eat!  How genius is that?  The mat I tried out is on trend chevron.  The whole set is super chic and doesn’t look like dog gear at all.  I love that the bowls nest and the mat rolls up so I can travel with this in a moment’s notice.  They  have lots of patterns available too!  The bowls are dishwasher safe too!


Stop annoying barking anywhere with the Bark Genie™ automatic bark control device. The Bark Genie™ bark control device automatically detects barking and reacts by emitting a high-pitched ultrasonic sound that only dogs can hear. Perfect for all environments, the Bark Genie™ automatic bark control device makes it easy to control barking.  My dog used to go nuts from time to time with small backyard animals, this stopped that.  They also have a hand held device which is great to take on walks and really use anywhere you are in your home.  These are easy to use, effective and humane.


  • Automatically detects barking and reacts by emitting an ultrasonic sound that only dogs can hear
  • Pet friendly ultrasonic technology is safe and effective
  • The Bark Genie™ automatic bark control device can stand alone, hang on a tree or be mounted on any wall
  • Weatherproof for use indoors or outdoors
  • Detects barking up to 50 feet away
  • 3 adjustable levels of sensitivity
  • Great for your noisy neighbor’s dog
  • Works on all dog breeds

If you want to groom your dog on the go, try Doogy Loot’s Scruff Brush.  It’s an awesome little brush for on the go grooming.  Lightweight and effective for daily grooming and getting out tangles.  When it gets dirty, it’s easy to wash off.  I love using this after my dog has gone swimming and is covered in salt water and sand.  I keep it in the back of the car and it’s ready to go when I need it.  My dogs love it!


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