Gear to Take You Back to School With Style and Organization

Please note I received samples of some of these items to test out and write the reviews.  My opinions are my own were not influenced in any way.

Summer is fully upon us and while it’s not so fun to think about, school is just around the corner.  So, this month I figured I’d bring you some products designed to help you start the school year off on the right foot, and, of course, ORGANIZED!

The Sigg Thermos is something I’m not sure how I lived without previously.  It’s not just any thermos.  First of all, its sleek design makes it look amazing on your table or desk.  It’s available in a few colors and all models are BPA and Phthalates free.  The model I tried had an attached cup, making packing a lunch SO much easier!  What I love the most is the tea filter.  Finally a thermos that makes it easy to drink loose leaf tea!  The thermos keeps things hot for up to 8 hours.  I tried it and it’s true!  I work from home but I still love to gill this with tea in the morning and sip throughout the day!  It’s made with stainless and doesn’t add any taste to your beverage.  You might want more than one of these.

Sigg thermos

Not all lunch boxes are created equal.  This metal lunch box is not only stylish (it comes in pink and blue), it’s super functional.  Take your snacks in this container and you’ll keep them fresh. The top opens up so you can easily grab its contents.  I like that it’s not too big and not too small-perfect to avoid container eating.  The contents stay fresh and when you get home, the whole container is easily washable.  This is also for grade school kids who might drop their lunch box.  It’s also awesome for older kids who want something cool to carry their lunch in.  I love it for the office because it’s sophisticated and just plain cute.  If you don’t want to use it for food, it also makes a great container for office supplies!


Sigg Lunchbox

Okay, this is the year you’re going to stop wasting plastic bags.  You just needed the right tool.  It’s the (re)zip bags by Blue Avocado.  They are side just like traditional snack and sandwich bags.  However, they are reusable.  They are made of food safe, FDA approved PEVA material.  A pack of two sandwich sized bags is $8.99.  Use these more than a month and you’ll be saving money.  They are freezer safe and have a secure “zipper” at the top to keep your food fresh.  They are LEAD, PVC and BPA free too!  I will tell you these are AWESOME for any small item you want to keep organized.  I love them when I travel to snacks on the plane, cosmetics, or even office supplies.  You’ll find a million uses for these!


Sigg has some of the CUTEST water bottles out there.  Adults love them too of course, but they offer some adorable and unique kids’ patterns.  Not only are they durable to stand up to school’s wear and tear, they are unique enough to stand out from their peer’s water bottles.  I love the travel series in particular.  They come in a number of countries with both girls and boys featured.  It holds about .4 liters…not too big and not too small.  The cap even has a protective covering to keep it dirt and germ free.  (A much needed feature for little kids!)

Travel Sigg



If your child is a little too grown up for these bottles, Sigg has a design series, perfect for young adults.  Check them out here.  Don’t forget the cleaning tablets and Sigg brush!  Just drop a tablet in and let it do the cleaning for you.  Your bottles are sparkling queen, fresh smelling and the fear of germs is gone!  I tried cleaning my Sigg bottles for years without these tools.  When I got them, they rocked my world and I wonder why I struggled with inferior cleaning products for so long!

If you are going to be washing water bottles, lunch boxes and other food storage conners after sending them to school with your child, you need Name Bubble’s water proof labels.  The small rectangular labels are easily affixed to just about any surface. I thought they would have trouble sticking to silicone or the bottom of a coffee cup, but they stick firmly and stay in place even with washing (both hand and dishwasher).  These are awesome to know what belong to you among the other kids and even in the break room refrigerator. Protect your investments and label things!  They come in adorable colors, and can even be customized with designs!

Name Bubbles

This next product has to be the cutest way of reminding someone to do something that I’ve ever seen.  It’s a customizable wrist band from Knock Knock that boasts a small prewritten message and a spot to record your reminder.  Some of the messages on the bands are; friendly reminder, you got this, checkboxes for to do or to don’t and even one that says pssst..  These are great for husbands and kids alike.  They can be put around a wrist but they also work for the handle of a purse or work bag.  They come in sets of 25 and are just $6!  You’ll love these!

Knock Knock wrist bands

The first item is inexpensive, adorable and will keep your water bottle (or anything else you stick it to) safe all year through.  It’s a customized sticker from Etsy seller, MNWMonograms.  The sticker includes your choice of initials and your choice of color.  It’s 4.5″ by 4.5″ and it won’t come off in the dishwasher or if your water bottle condenses. It’s a pretty awesome way to customize your great while looking cute doing it.  And, it’s just $5!


For packing lunches to head to school or the office, do it the healthy way with Frego.  While plastic is durable, glass is the least toxic and an old reliable friend.  Frego takes it one step further and protects the glass with a  silicone casing.  It’s colorful and fun, but it adds a level of durability.  It won’t slide out of your hands and when you want to heat up its contents, you can put the silicone sleeve on to protect your hands.  I love these for snacks, road trips, lunches or even leftovers.  I want a whole set of them!  Oh and all pieces are dishwasher safe 🙂



School means germs.  And germs mean lots of hand washing.  I’m in love with Beesential’s All Natural Grapefruit and Lemongrass Foaming Hand Soap. Made from coconut, hemp and olive oils, it’s an all natural alternative to detergent based soaps made from petroleum products.  This kills germs and is gentle to your hands!


Speaking of germs, save yourself a trip out later and stock up on Kleenex when buying school supplies.  Not only do they have anti viral tissues, they even have speciality boxes designed with patterns that will make you smile.  I personally love their travel pouches. They come in so many pretty designs, they look cute when you pull them out.  They are small and thin enough to fit into a pocket, a purse and of course, a school bag.  Stock up, you’ll be glad you did!



If you take your computer, iPad, or phone chargers with you anywhere, there is a good chance you can get them mixed up with someone else’s.  Whooz is a fun line of charger decals that help you identify your charger.  They come in various sizes to fit all of your chargers.  The designs are whimsical and will make you smile every time you use your charger.  My favorite designs?  Mr. T and Rufus the dog.  Kids and adults alike will love these!



Sustainability meets cuteness with spbang’s lunch bags.  These bags are better than any sandwich bag you have ever used.  Made of durable materials with adorable patterns and available in a wide array of colors, these will save you money and save the Earth.  They are made in the US and are about 7 inches by 7 inches.  They are lead free, Phthalate free and BPA free.  They are waterproof too.  They close with a tab closure.  It takes a moment to get used to but it creates a real seal to keep your food fresh.  If you want an extra bonus, pop it in the freezer before use and your food will stay cool and fresh.  In my opinion, here’s the best part-they are dishwasher safe!  No more fishing crumbs out!

spbangThese are something that will help you get organized, but Wacky Winderz are just too cute not to include.  Make back to school l(or a day at the office) a little more fun with these four unique wind up pencil toppers.  These will also make great stocking stuffers!

They also make a great pick me up for someone having a bad day 🙂

Wacky Winderz


This lunch box by Laptop Lunches is going to change the way you pack lunch.  Not only is there plenty of space to pack things (two compartments which I love for utensils, a juice box and of course a note 🙂 It’s fully insulated and contains no lead, BPA, phthalates or PVC.  It has a handle AND a removable shoulder strap (awesome in case your lunch box doesn’t fit into your backpack).  The bento box on the bottom is awesome.  It’s made of 100% post-consumer PET and printed with soy ink so you can feel great about these bags.  The bento box that fits into the bottom of the lunch bag is also just as safe and is dishwasher and microwave safe.  It keeps all of your kid’s food separate and safe so it’s just as tasty and pretty as when you packed it in the morning.  These are awesome lunch bags that make packing lunch easy, and look good!

Lunch Box


Okay this isn’t a back to school item specifically.  However, it’s a great treat for the end of the day, or to sneak in a lunch box.   (IF gum is allowed at your child’s school.)  Tree Hugger Bubble Gum is the best gum you’ll ever taste.  Their all natural flavors are long lasting and the pieces are generous in size.  There are no artificial colors either!  It’s also gluten free, all natural, vegan, non gmo and comes in a variety of flavors and packages. From individually wrapped pieces of gum to the traditional bubble gum “strip” there is a package that meets your size needs.  There are traditional flavors like classic bubble gum, but some of the most delicious are  the fun ones, like Wildberry.

Bubble Gum


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