Kid’s Gift Guide-2014

Shockingly enough, kids can be difficult to shop for.  Their wish lists can be extensive.  The toys they already own are many and the clutter is already too much!  I’ve gathered some gifts for kids that I think you will enjoy.  (Let me know!)  They are meant to be long lasting, creative and inspire imaginative play.  I also want them to be meaningful.

(I’m really thankful that the kids in my life don’t read my blog because this is a lot of what I bought them!)

Kids' Gift Guide

1.  Trouble the Dog is not just a stuffed animal.  He’s a symbol of courage.  He is an expressive stuffed animal that is made RIGHT here in the USA.  He comes with his own dog house that you can color in as you chose.  Trouble has his own book about learning to find hope and express courage.  Trouble makes the rounds at Hasbro Children’s Hospital and was around in Sandy Hook after the events of 2012.  He’s a simple stuffed animal that means a lot.  Oh and he’s soft, cute and snuggly!

2.  Want a fun, interactive game you can play with the whole family inside during the winter months?   QVC’s Anytime Indoor Snowball Kit is a great way to spend the holidays, or a snow day, without braving the cold.  The kit comes with 25 snowballs and they can easily be thrown around the house without worry about breaking things or causing damage.  They look and feel like snow and even have a “crunch” sound.  They can be machine washed when they get dirty.  This will be a new family tradition.

3.  Give the gift of artwork.  It’s an amazing gift to teach a child to appreciate art and to beatify their space by decorating it with amazing pieces.  Julie’s Originals carries a line of amazing artwork depicting animals.  These are upscale pieces for a small budget.  They are as educational as they are stunning.  Her hummingbird piece is my favorite.

4.  Making ice cream in the Soft Shell Ice Cream Ball is fun and easy and brings the whole family together.  It can be used at the camp ground or at home on a hot summer day.  It’s also great for parties and BBQs!  Just add natural ingredients like cream and sugar, add rock salt (to the other end) and shake it for 20 minutes (passing it around is fun).  This gift is fun and interactive!

5.  Get ready for it…..the Loopdedoo at Michaels is going to be the hit of the holiday.  You can make friendship bracelets, necklaces and even belts with this loom. It comes with 18 skeins of embroidery thread (get more as a stocking stuffer!) and instructions.  It’s easy and fast to use and will be a hit for all the kids on your list.  I’ve tried it and it’s a really fun craft that even those who aren’t “craft talented” can do!  Affordable too!

6.  If you’re looking for a practical gift, check out Crane’s new Penguin Air Purifier.  Yes, I said penguin.  It’s as cute as it is functional.  Shaped like an adorable penguin this air purifier removed pollen, dust, dander and smoke from the air (up to 99.07% with the HEPA filter). It has a germicidal UV light that removes bacteria and viruses and a 5 level filtration system.    It’s adorable exterior makes this a great fit for a kid’s room, playroom or whimsical addition to any room!  The filter can be changed easily and it works so quietly you’ll hardly notice it!

7.  Crayola has been known for it’s creative toys for generations.  This year, check out some of their new toys and get creative with your gifts and your kids!  The Widescreen Light Designer is a new age wipe off board.  Color on it with the included markers and then light it up using 7 different lighting effects. It even comes with an easel.  Their Bead Maker uses molds and clay to create custom beads that can then be made into bracelets and necklaces.  This is even a great gift to give before the holidays to keep kids occupied when family is visiting or during a long dinner.

8.  You and your kids are going to love this next activity.  Creative Kids’ DIY Soap Making Kit is awesome for days when you want an activity that everyone can participate in.  From opening the package to being done, the whole process takes about 30 minutes.  It’s a quick activity when everyone is bored.  It’s also great for parties!




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