I’m Afraid of Being Unprepared

I will admit it, I’m terrified of being unprepared.  I over pack.  I want to feel comfortable ALL the time.  I understand what it takes to be a minimalist.  I know how much I SHOULD pack.  Then, I pack more.  I am guilty of second guessing myself, adding things in at the last minute and just wanting more options.  I’ve been working on these traits this year as I’ve done a ton of traveling. In fact, I’ve been away from home as much as I’ve been home.  So what have I learned?  Read on.

I'm Afraid of Being Unprepared

When I travel I’ve started paying very close attention to what I wear and don’t wear.  When I’ve been road tripping, I go so far as to bring a laundry bag and put my dirty clothes into it and NOT back into my suitcase.  At the end of the trip I have a really clear understanding of what I packed (and LUGGED) needlessly.  Usually it’s the items I debated on at the last minute.

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As a general rule, we all wear what’s comfortable and what makes us feel great. The general rule is that this is 20% of our wardrobe.  When you travel, you always pack your favorite things right?  Well that’s probably the 20% of your wardrobe that you LOVE.  Think about living with just that segment for a while.  Ask yourself:

Is it easier to get dressed with this smaller wardrobe?

Is everything comfortable, in good condition and stylish?

If the answer to both of these questions is yes, pare down your inventory.  Think about what you take when you travel and how you can make that work for you.  When you do travel, I bet you need less than you take.  I have started bringing detergent packages with me and giving things a quick wash in the hotel sink.  I hang them to dry and because many items are performance fabrics, they are dry by morning.

For all of the other things I insist upon taking, I’ve purchased myself a set of small bottles that can be refilled from the larger containers.  For example; toiletries, bug spray, stain stick, and more.  I never want to be without OR have to spend precious time shopping.  Shopping away from home is often more expensive.

I also find that giving myself boundaries is a great way to minimize what I take with me.  Set your luggage or bag limit and stick to it.  One of the bags I love to travel with is the Hobo Roll.  It’s a stuff sack (like the type your sleeping bag goes into) but it also has dividers inside of it.  The whole bag cinches down so it’s compact and easy to carry.  You can even add a shoulder strap. The bag on it’s own is super light weight and folds up into a tiny pocket…perfect to toss into a bigger piece of luggage.  I’ve carried everything from hiking gear (sweatshirt, water bottle and snacks) in this pag to camera gear while out sightseeing.  It’s versatile and all around awesome.  Want a Gobi Gear bag?  Save 10% with code Joyful10.  Good through November 24th.

Hobo Roll

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