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Looking good isn’t easy.  Finding products that treat your body well AND care for the Earth is even harder. This month I’ve gathered some ideas and products for you so that you can have the best of both worlds….clean, pure beauty products that make you look and feel your best.

Natural Beauty Roundup

Branch to Nature has an entire line of products that are wholesomely made to pamper your body.  Their Thyme collection is made with all natural ingredients including oils, vitamins and extracts.  I was able to try out the Thyme Sample Kit and it leaves your skin feeling super fresh, but without harsh chemicals.  The smell was so relaxing, I wanted to wash my face again.  This makes a great addition to your skin care routine, or a great gift for someone!

We purge our closets and we purge toys.  However, how often do you purge your beauty products?  Back to school is the perfect time to go through them and to toss anything you don’t use, don’t like or has gone past its best by date.  It’s also a great time to go all natural and organic.  One of my faves is Aubrey-Organics.  I love their line of hair, body and face.  They have everything to take care of dry skin, an oily complexion or specialty needs such as age-defying products.  I encourage you to give these a try and see if you ever want to switch back to what you used previously.  My favorites are the Intense Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner, The Complexion Mist and the Eye Cream.  Stock up for the school year ahead!

Cricket Co has a whole line of awesome items you’ll want to keep in your work or school bag.  Their tweezers and nail clippers can fix just about any beauty emergency.  I love that they are so sturdy and can easily be cleaned.  The nail clippers and cuticle pushers are a must have to do your own manicure.  I also love this hair accessory kit by Phuse Beauty.  It’s a small tin that holds a head band, bobby pins, and hair ties.  Perfect for anyone on the go.

Here’s a company you should know about…Erin’s Faces. They have an amazing array of natural products. I’ve picked two of my favorites for you:  Argan oil is one of their newest released and is amazing for hair and skin.  I love to rub this on my dry legs and feet, or to soothe after a day in the sun. It’s awesome on wet hair as a leave in conditioner or as a pretreatment for styling.  This particular Argan Oil is Organic, 100% Pure, Cold-Pressed from fresh seeds, sustainably produced by local Berber women’s co-operatives in Morocco.  Less than 10% of Argan Oil exported from Morocco is made by women’s co-operatives (and is instead mass-produced, deodorized and sapped of most healing properties) and thus was important to me when choosing mine. It’s also 100% Organic.  Vegan.  Cruelty-Free. Paraben, Petrochemical, Fragrance, Dye and Pthalate-Free.  Erin’s sprays are all natural options for your body, room or linen.  These are AMAZING.  You can change the whole perspective of your day by changing the scent.  This comes in five scents; lavender (my favorite), Cinnamon, Grapefruit, Peppermint and Blood Orange.  You’ll want all of them.

Bear Beauty SamplesBearsBeauty has everything you currently use in your beauty routine, but an all natural, home made version you’ll love.   If you want to finally try an all natural deodorant that WORKS, this is it.  Bears Beauty’s deodorant is made by hand with all natural ingredients and it smells amazing.  It goes on well, and works all day long….even through a yoga class.  Hands down my favorite natural product is her squeezable toothpaste.  My teeth feel clean, look great and are well cared for, WITHOUT the chemicals. This is my favorite discovery of the year.  Seriously.    If you love the sun, but not what it does to your skin, check out her Sun Lover’s Cream.  It replenishes, moisturizes and soothes skin that’s been outside a little too long.  You won’t find a more luxurious body butter than Bear Beauty’s.  It smells amazing and helps me care for even the driest skin.  I love this in the summer to care for my legs and in the winter on those dry patches.  I love the vanilla, but the lime transports you to a tropical destination.  It’s difficult to find makeup that’s all natural.  Bear Beauty’s Tint Balm is the best of both worlds.  It’s made with all natural ingredients, but it gives your lips an all natural glow.  I am carrying this with me everywhere.  These are just a few of the products she sells….check out the whole store!

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