Favorite Things For The New Year

It’s hard to believe we’ve already started 2016.  It feels like I was just sitting down addressing holiday cards yesterday.  However, in order to start the New Year off on the most organized foot possible, I’v gathered some of my new favorite products for you. These are guaranteed to help you get an organized, clean and relaxed start to 2016.

Please note I received samples of some of these items in order to be able to write these reviews.  My opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way.  I only bring you products I think you’ll love.

Favorite Things


Three By Three is one of my favorite organizing brands.  They’ve done it again with their newest desk accessory, the JotBlock.  The JotBlock is more than a notepad….it has spots for small items like coins, paperclips or even thumbtacks.  There’s also a spot for a pen.  This is perfect to keep everything in order on the top of your desk.  It’s also perfect for a kitchen counter by the phone or even an entryway.  I love that it comes in lots of colors!

I am always talking about using vertical space.  I love using hooks wherever possible to store items.  Hooks are awesome on the fridge, on the stove and really anywhere you have some space.  The Swivel Magnets from Three By Three are super strong and can hold utensils, towels or even personal accessories.  They swivel so you can use them anyway that works for you.  They are affordable, sleek and you’ll find a million uses for them.

UppserSlideI recently discovered UpperSlide.  They are a series of handmade cabinet accessories that turn any cabinet shelf into a drawer.  Available in various sizes to fit your cabinets, the UpperSlide sits on the cabinet shelf and requires no installation.  Stock it with whatever you want to keep in the cabinet and then the UpperSlide allows you to pull it out like a drawer.  This is perfect for items that are hard to store and grab when you need them such as food storage container lids, spices and medications.  Check these out to make your life a little simpler (and stop dropping things out of the cabinet!)

If you’re like me you have a lot of electronics that need to be charged.  It’s all about keeping things charged, but close enough to use them. OH and keeping your desk tidy while doing it is also key.The Ventev desktop charginghub s500 brings the AC outlets and USB charging ports to you. This simple, all-in-one charging solution provides two surge-protected 120 VAC outlets and three USB ports.  I like its sleek profile.  It doesn’t take up a lot of desk space and pulls its weight!


I’m a clean freak.  However, I also refuse to let things get complicated or spend a ton of time cleaning. Reliable products have never disappointed and the Brio is just as awesome as I’d hoped it would be.  With one cleaning tool I have cleaned my floor, bathroom and even windows with this one unit.  The steam and accessories are easy to use and quick to convert.  If you can think of it, the steam can clean it.  I have a light colored tile floor, and two dogs.  The Brio made short work of the dirt.  It was cleaner than it had been in years.  (I know, it’s embarrassing!)  I also have a mold issue on some white grout in my stall shower.  (Also embarrassing). I’ve been trying everything for years to get it clean.  Nothing has worked.  The Brio loosed the mildew and I was able to clean it off.  I was shocked and pleasantly surprised.  The Brio is a tool you need in your cleaning repertoire, especially if you have kids, pets or tough to clean areas.  It’s totally worth the price.


Essio Shower is going to change the way you take a shower. The Essio system is an essential oil system that hooks onto your existing shower head.  It’s easy to install (seriously easy) and you can choose from a three scented pods.  These pods attach to the arm that you installed in seconds flat.  There are five scents to choose from; wisdom, clear, breathe, passion and unwind.  This is a great way to turn your regular shower into a spa like experience.  Make every day a little special!  I love using this to unwind after a long day.  It’s a great way to start the morning too!


I have been lucky enough to find Lionheart Prints on Etsy.  Liz Cooke is the amazing designer behind the fun, functional, and inspirational designs in the store.  Here are some of my favorite items-

The Already Within You Mug is created with unique handwriting and is just what you need to start your morning off with a can-do attitude.  Pour yourself a cup of awesome every single day.

Shit To Neglect ListI love a good to do list.  However, one that brings a little humor to my day is even better.  I love Lionheart’s Shit to Continue to Neglect list.  It’s just the type of to do list that willLaissez keep you smiling, no matter how many tasks you add to it.  The lettering is a beautiful watercolor design too.

If you’re looking for a beautiful print to make your office, bedroom, or even closet more beautiful, and more fun, you’ll love to Lionheart’s Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez print is perfect. The handwriting was created by Liz and is recreated in gold foil.  This print is subtle and meaningful at the same time.  I have it hanging above my desk, to add a little fun to every single day.

Treat Yourself

ginny bakesEvery day deserves a little something to make it special.  I love desserts and sweets.  However, finding treats with a conscience is difficult.  Ginny bakes treats not only taste delightful, they are gluten free, NON GMO, and organic. These are cookies you can eat mindfully and feel good about putting in your body.  Your family will love them and won’t miss the nasty ingredients that are in most of the dessert on the shelves at the grocery store.  With varieties like butter crisp love, coconut oatmeal and of course, chocolate chip, there’s something to make everyone happy.  I look forward to a few of these cookies with a cup of tea at the end of a long day.  I also love her ginny bars, which are perfect for breakfast or a snack on the go.  If you want a little help making a home made love for your family, check out her mixes which are ready to go when you are.  Overall, these make great gifts, but I like to think every day is a gift 🙂

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