A Clear Choice For Organizing

Acrylic organizers and on trend right now.  Acrylic is showing up in offices, accessories, and even furniture.  This set of two clear stacking bins by Lori Grenier is an organizing powerhouse and it looks good doing it. While you can obviously use this organizing set for cosmetics, it has lots of other uses.  

A set of clear organizers like these can help you in the bathroom, office, craft closet, and even kid's room. Click To Tweet

Acrylic Organizer

Here you can see the organizer stocked with cosmetic items. I love being able to see what’s inside the organizer. It allows you to get ready just a little bit faster.  Instead of digging though a drawer or the bottom of your purse, you can grab items in seconds flat.  When you can see your makeup, you know Lori Cosmetic Organizerwhat you have.  When you know what you have, you use it.  Using what you have saves you money and ensures you are able to get rid of the clutter when necessary.  Keeping makeup contained also keeps it clean and protected from breakage.  It holds a LOT Of cosmetics.  I purposely left it partly empty here so you could see the interior.  

Office SuppliesI also love these organizers for office supplies.  Many desks don’t come with drawers that are conducive to tiny office supplies such as paper clips, sticky notes, and alligator clips. Keeping them contained is key to being able to grab and use when needed.  Again, I think being able to see everything without having to open a drawer can save you time.  You will never buy more than you need either.  

My favorite use for this organizer is craft supplies.  Crafting is notoriously messy and hard to contain. The Craft Supplies Organizedlipstick slots are perfect for small items such as crayons, glitter tubes (seen here), or beading tools.  The container is large enough to store a lot of supplies, but small enough that you can easily move this from a shelf to a work surface easily.  It’s a great way to store supplies out of the way, create something, and then put it away quickly.  

Because the organizer is clear, it matches any décor.  It’s affordable AND easy to clean.  I think I need another…

Each set comes with a large and small organizer with customizable compartments to suit your storage needs. From Lori Greiner.  Purchase these organizers here

  • Includes two clear stacking cosmetic organizers: one large and one small
  • 35 lipstick slots
  • Customizable compartments
  • Stackable
  • Plastic
  • Measurements: Large 12″W x 8″D x 4″H; Small 12″W x 8″D x 2-1/2″H
  • Imported

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