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It’s no secret that I like to read.  And I read a lot.  There are a lot of books out there and lots of them can help you live a better life.  I like to look at reading as an investment.  If you spend a little time learning, changing, and developing yourself or a skill now, the benefits will pay off dividends in time.  Here are my selections for books that are worth the time…

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Book Roundup

Money Saving Mom

Money Making Mom, by Crystal Paine, author of Say Goodbye to Survival Mode, (you can read our review of it here), will help you take your money making ideas and turn them into reality.  Crystal gives you the tips and steps you need to take your dream from a brainstorm and bring it into the real world.  She goes over how to find your calling, how to start the business, and even how to fit it in with everything else you have going on in life.  If your financial goals are to have some mad money or to help support your family, this book will help you do it.   The book will also help you find a little clarity and come up with a plan to live intentionally and help others.  This is something we all want to do, but rarely take the time to examine.

Better Than Before

You are probably familiar with Gretchen’s other books, such as The Happiness Project.  Her latest, Better Than Before, is, in my opinion, her best.  This book discusses the wonders of habits.  If I could sum up the book in one thought it’s this; form good habits, and you’ll never have to fight to live a better life again.  If you form a habit to do something such as work out, you no longer need to face that internal battle with yourself to get to the gym every day. Instead, you just do it, no thought required.  I can attest to this.  I used to fit my workout in around meetings and work commitments.  Then I started putting on my workout clothes first thing and getting it done.  Now, it’s not a debate, with others or myself, it just gets done.  Gretchen also talks about some of the themes I discuss on here a lot; putting things on your calendar, getting starting, and choosing your battles.  It’s a great read for anyone who wants to make a life change, anything from eating healthy to meditating.  As if the book’s content wasn’t enough, it’s filled with quizzes, actionable tasks, and resources as well!

The Complete Book of Home Organization

You may have read organizing books in the past.  You may or may not have liked them.  I’ve talked to a lot of my clients who have a whole pile or organizing books not he shelf, but they were never able to take any action on them.  The Complete Book of Home Organization is different.  Not only will you feel inspired to get organized, you’ll WANT to make your home beautiful.  The book is broken down into common home areas.    Each area its then broken down into even smaller areas.  For example the kitchen is broken down into the areas you’ll need to tackle; baking area, coffee area, and work prep.  Each project is divided into actionable steps that are easy to comprehend and accomplish.  When you have a little time to dedicate to organizing, you can simply open the book and pick an area to start.  

The best part about the book is the beautiful and inspiring photos.  You’ll be inspired to make your home beautiful, reduce clutter, and develop new systems.  Fay doesn’t push expensive organizing supplies or hard to manage systems.  These are real life tips you can actually use on a daily basis.  I used a lot of post it notes all over the book so I can easily and quickly access projects when I’mr ready for them.  The book even has metal tipped edges for durability.  It’s a beautiful addition to your bookshelf!

Time for Me

Time for Me is the book you’ve been looking for if you’ve been searching for a way to be more patient, mindful, and present. Each day has a short reading that will give you intention and purpose for the day ahead.  Each day has a theme and a lesson.  The chapters are small and manageable, even for really busy people.  The book is small so you can toss this into your bag or purse and read it on the go.  I like the quotes that are disbursed throughout the book. They add a little more meaning to the day’s lesson.  This is an amazing gift for a new mom, or anyone who needs to take a little time for themselves from time to time.  Time For Me will help you form a habit of taking care of yourself and enjoying life, just a little bit more.

DIY Artisanal Soaps

You know I always have to throw in a craft option in my book roundups!

This month is no different.  DIY Artisanal Soaps is a book filled with fun and useful projects.  The book breaks down how to make a variety of DIY soaps. Unlike a lot of other craft books this book starts off my breaking down the process of soap making into materials needed, processes, and procedures.  By the time you hit your first project, you’re well versed.  This helps prevent good ups along the way.  The recipes are easy to follow and while some of the ingredients will require a little online search, most of them you probably have on hand already.  The finished results from this book are not only useful, they are beautiful.   You can make your own soaps to keep.  You’ll be introducing your body to less chemicals AND you’ll save money.  These also make amazing gifts!

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