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Good entertainment is hard to find.  It’s not easy to find a movie that will hold the attention of all your family members.  Well, I was lucky enough to get a prescreening of High Strung and I promise you’ll be entertained.High Strung Movie Poster

Please note this is a sponsored post.  My opinions are my own and I only bring you things I think you will love. 

The movie traverses the lives of two very different performers; one classically trained and the other street savvy.  Their lives become intertwined and mixed up in a way that means they will be connected forever. The whole movie is filled with stunning performances from a very talented cast. Just when you think you have found your favorite, another one begins.

High Strung Screen Shot


I wouldn’t tease you about a movie you couldn’t preview….take a peek at it here:

It’s more action packed than other dance/music movies you’ve seen and the NYC backdrop is it’s own character.  The two main characters, Ruby Adams and Johnnie Blackwell are perfect for their roles and stunningly talented in their fields.  Ruby is focused on keeping her valuable scholarship and Johnnie is focused on remaining in the country.  The results are both poignant and funny at the same time.   Lovers of both classical music and hip-hop will find something they love.

It’s not easy being a performer of any type and this movie portrays the struggle, but also the joy that artists face, every single day in their pursuit of their passion.  If you have a budding performer in your life, this movie is a great night out.  The movie is perfect for anyone who you could a little inspiration or encouragement in their life right now?  And can’t we all? This movie also makes a great date night!

High Strung opens in theaters on April 8th. You can find a list of theaters on

Get a behind the scenes look at the movie via Instsgram. Or, visit their Facebook page for more details.


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