Bins and Baskets Oh My!

You’ve heard me rave about Thirty-One brand’s awesome organizing supplies in the past.  This time I wanted to take you someplace we’ve never been with them…the pantry.  We also visit the office and the bathroom.

Please note I received samples of these baskets in order to be able to take these photos.  My opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way. 

31 Brand Organization

The Your Way Rectangle Basket is a power house organizing tool.  It’s pretty enough to be seen in any room of the home.  The bin’s size makes it large enough to hold larger or bulky items.  It’s narrow enough to fit inside most closets.  Here you will see the basket, paired with an embroidered liner.  The liner makes it easy for even small hands to identify the basket’s contents.  I had a Costco sized bag of pistachios, a full size box of crackers, and multiple snack sized bags of chips in this basket, with room to spare.Snacks

Here’s the same bin being used in a bathroom.  I love putting together a basket like this in a guest bathroom.  Allowing guests to access supplies on their own as well as other items they may need is a great way to feel comfortable.


The Your Way bin is another awesome tool.  It comes with a small chalkboard plate affixed to the front for easier labeling.  I wanted to show you some of the many ways this bin can be used around the house. Personally, I love them in the kitchen.  They appear clean, fresh, and they fit all of those small items that are hard to store.  How adorable does this basket of lemons look?


Straws usually come in bags or small boxes.  Once you open them, they become more difficult to store easily.  Put this basket on your counter so everyone can grab a straw when they need it.



Sharpies are my weakness.  In this basket, I can store a LOT…and the basket looks adorable on my desk!



This might be my favorite use of this basket…ever.  KCups, which are hard to store, can be piled into the basket.  Use more than one basket to separate flavors, decaf, or other genres such as tea.KCups

I use wipes a lot.  I use them on my yoga mat, after a workout, to clean around the house, and so on.  I like Herban Essentials wipes and keeping them close by is easy with this basket.  I keep one in the foyer and one in my bathroom.



Healthy eating is make a smidge easier with a basket of healthy snacks.  Set your whole family up for success by differentiating healthy snacks that are ready to be consumed.  Keep the basket in a place everyone can reach.

How would you use these baskets?  Tell me in the comments below!

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