5 Baby Shower Essentials For Your #Amazinghood (And Giveaway!)

So you’re about to be a new mom and you’re overwhelmed with all of the STUFF that you’ve been reading about.  It seems like a lot doesn’t it? As someone who obviously hates clutter, I’m always a little leery when I’m being told I need something.  In order to make like easier on you, I’ve cut through the chaos, and I’ve picked out five must haves for your registry.

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Baby Shower Essentials

  1.  Diaper cakes.  These are adorable “cakes” put together out of diapers.  There are LOTS of themes you can create.  Just spend a few minutes online and search for diaper cake.  Warning…you’re about to spend a few hours cooing at adorableness.  Of course, some companies sell cakes already made if you don’t have a lot of free time.Dreft Detergents

2.  Dreft detergent. Babyhood is messy.  Dreft is specifically designed for baby’s sensitive skin and needs.  Their line of detergents is all you need to clean up everything baby’s laundry throws at you, at every step of the way.  The fresh scent is perfect to remind you of the simple, everyday joys that come with babyhood.  It’s tough acting stain fighting will make laundry easy and less time consuming for new parents so you can go back to spending time with baby (or sleeping). Dreft detergent comes in three varieties; Stage 1; Newborn, Stage 2; Active Baby and, Dreft Blissfuls.

Baby Shower

Dreft threw Sean and Catherine Lowe a baby shower on August 27th to celebrate their #amazinghood

3.  Swaddles.  These are a new mom’s best friend.  They help baby sleep comfortably and soundly.  Of course, they will still wake up, however, they will fall asleep faster and the swaddle will help them self soothe.  Many new moms make the mistake of get getting one swaddle.  When it needs to be laundered, there’s added stress.

Dreft with Bump Cloth

4.  A modern diaper bag.  Ugly diaper bags are a thing of the past.  There are so many stylish, comfortable, and organized options available now that there’s no reason to compromise.  Find one that fits mom’s style and pack it with the essentials she will need.

5.  A home cooked meal or a coupon for babysitting.  Mom is going to be busy.  Why not lighten her load with a home cooked meal she can freeze and defrost after baby’s arrival?  Or, offer to babysit a night.  These gifts are priceless and very meaningful.

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