1. Blair Kelsey Bickford says

    What to do w/stuff you chose to get rid of. No one seems to want old AAA maps/old containers/0ldmagazines. Repurpose Queen here and have a hard time disposing if it cannot be recycled. BTW have found old newspapers are welcomed @ our vet!

  2. Ann-Marie says

    Blair Kelsey Bickford, If you or someone you know does any scrapbooking, old AAA maps would be perfect for scrapping about trips taken to certain states. Just a thought.

  3. Christine S. says

    Nursing homes welcome old magazines as do some daycare centers. Great for learning to cut with scissors, identifying colors, shapes, letters, and objects such as animals, cars, trees, etc.. I run a home day care and have the kids go through the magazines to identify letters. They would also cut out letters and use them to spell their name and other words. It was fun and made a lasting impression. They would also cut out pictures to decorate homemade gift cards for Mother’s Day, birthdays, and they were great for holidays.

  4. Christine S. says

    Thanks, Danielle! I did not know that but will share it with my military friends. Every penny counts.

  5. Judy K. says

    Broken jewelry can be used in crafts… if you’re not crafty, give to someone who is! Mismatched socks make wonderful erasers for dry erase boards… donate them to a teacher!

  6. Cynthia from Texas says

    All great ideas! Have you tried a home town trade and sale on Facebook. Or even free cycle in you home town. I have use for my town and have gotten some great stuff that I can use. Good luck!

  7. says

    Re: #6:

    I just cleaned out my spice cabinet tonight (MAYBE some had expired ten years ago…) and my three-year-old had a great time “baking” a “birthday cake” made of cardamom, chervil, and dried onion etc. etc. before I pitched it all =)


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