Home Is Made With Honey Can Do

As you all know by now, my husband and I just bought a home and moved….it’s been a long time coming and what feels like an even longer process.  I do love setting up new organizational systems and doing so at the new home has been a challenge I’ve enjoyed.  I wanted to share with you some of the items I used from one of my all time favorite organizing supply companies, Honey Can Do.

Please note I received samples of these items in order to be able to take photos and review them for you. My opinions are my own and I only use things in my own home, and on my blog, that I truly love.


While there’s a place and time for plastic organizers, there’s something so classy about baskets.  They Basketsreally give any space a polished look.  Instead of looking at a shelve’s contents, you’re greeted with a uniform appearance that’s tidy and clean.  I use Honey Can Do’s 3 pack Natural Baskets Set to organize my pantry.  These baskets are perfect for all of those odd shaped items and bags that accumulate on pantry shelves.

By putting things in baskets you’re making them easier to find, for everyone in the house hold.  I find that when I can find things, I use them.  When I use what I have, I can make less trips to the store and save money too.

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Organization KitKitchen cabinets are never big enough. I’ve said it and I mean it.  There are never enough shelves for all of the plates, mugs and bowls you need to store.  Yes, you could stack things to the next shelf, however, that makes using something on the bottom of the pile near impossible (and often dangerous).  I LOVE shelf risers like the ones in the 2 piece Kitchen Organization Kit (in black).  I can store everything I need to without fear of things toppling over.  It’s also easier to make sure the items I use every day are easily reachable instead of on a higher shelf that requires a step stool (or climbing on the counter as I’ve been known to do).

If you have a really fragile dish, or special plate, you can even use a stand like this one to keep it out of harm’s way, but displayed for enjoyment.


I always say that the key to basement, attic, or storage room organization is great shelves.  Well, these Shelvesare those shelves.  Honey Can Do’s 6 Tier Adjustable Storage Shelving Unit is perfect for the task.   Here’s why I love it.  It creates storage that organizes your items, but still leaves them visible for you to grab and see.

It’s super sturdy (even loaded) and it’s pretty darn cute for a shelving unit as well.  It can hold up to 600 pounds (without castors) and is PERFECT for the garage, a play room, or even the kitchen.  I use mine in the basement to hold my holiday items, each in a small tote with a label.  I also think these would be awesome for the kitchen items you don’t use a lot, holiday table ware, and the like. I also love that you don’t even need a tool to put them together!


Makeup organizerAcrylic organizers are very popular right now, and for good reason.  They not only store, organize, and protect your cosmetics, they allow you to see what you have without any fuss.  I find that just like food in my pantry, if I lose something, or it’s out of sight, I’ll never remember to use it.  A classic example of this is lipstick.  I have a lot of lipsticks…and when they are simply placed in a drawer, I have zero chance of using them.

The Kiss and Makeup Cosmetic Organizer is perfect for keeping clutter off the counter surfaces in your closet or bathroom, and for keeping your cosmetics together.  The lipstick area has 12 compartments.  You can even remove it from the larger unit if you want.  The organizer itself has three large compartments, on medium compartment and four small sections designs for makeup brushes or other long items.   If you need more space, you can even stack these organizers!


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