4 Ways To Make Everyday Softer

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Life isn’t easy. Sometimes it’s a little rough around the edges. It doesn’t have to be…and I’m here to help you make every day a little more special.  Here are four ways to make today softer (and more affordable).

4 Ways To Make Everyday Softer

  1.  Do something the night before.  Taking five minutes in the evening to do something nice for yourself in the morning.  While this can be something practical like laying out your clothes or packing your lunch, it can also be something a little more sweet.  For example, set out your coffee cup and set your morning java up to brew.  Or, take the time for a face mask.  Five minutes tonight will make tomorrow seem a little more special.
  2. Find a way to save yourself money.  Budgets are stressful.  If you can save yourself money and give
    My guests deserve the best too. Here's a basket in my guest bathroom filled with Charmin.

    However I want to feel pampered and Charmin Essentials  helps me balance both of these things.

    yourself a little financial leeway, you’re going to feel better, every single day.  Start by taking a look at  the house hold goods you are purchasing.  Is there anything you can swap out for a less expensive option?  I recently discovered Charmin Essentials costs the same as some of the bargain brands I was buying.  My family loves Charmin Essentials Soft and I’m saving money.  Win/win!    I’m all about the soft…..and now I don’t have to compromise between comfort and my budget.  As a new homeowner, I’m super careful about my budget. However, I want to feel pampered and Charmin Essentials helps me balance both of these things.

  3. Find some fun.  Having fun doesn’t have to be time consuming. You can do something very small to make every single day fun.  Tonight before dinner, have a mini dance party (just one song!), or go out for ice cream.  Fun can be unexpected and inexpensive….you just have to look for it.  Toilet paper may not seem “fun” but I believe that every day being just a little bit special makes for a very happy life.
  4. Here you can see a cabinet in my master bath stocked with Charmin...ready to be used!

    When I swapped out my toilet paper for Charmin Essentials Soft

    Make a swap.  Charmin Essentials is offering customers a FREE roll of their new Essentials Strong and Soft.  To participate,  simply Tweet their TP swap out request to @Charmin using the hashtag #CharminEssentials and #Promotion, and Charmin will send you a free roll.  You have nothing to lose and honestly, once you realize you can save money AND have the softness and strength you want, you’ll never look back.  Learn more about Charmin Essentials Strong here.  Terms and Conditions can be found here.

When I swapped out my toilet paper for Charmin Soft my husband actually mentioned it to me.  (And they say men never notice anything at all!)  He wanted to know about the soft, comfy toilet paper and how I’d decided to make the swap.  Really, he wanted to hear that it was in the budget and that I was treating us well, all while treating our debit card well.

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