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As an organizer, I always like to be as prepared as possible.  However, like any new stage of life, there’s a lot of things to learn.  I always say, “You don’t know what you don’t know.”  SO, when planning for baby and what I need to buy and have on hand, I’ve relied heavily on friends and family.

I know that Pinterest and the Internet in general have a LOT to say on the topic, but I’ve found them to rely heavily on over purchasing, excess, and items that only perform one task. A lot of this goes against everything in my being, so I’ve decided that there will be some shopping after baby arrives, and I’ll have to get a few more items as I need the, but to avoid clutter and chaos, I’m willing to do it.

Baby Gear

Counting The Days

While we countdown the final few weeks until baby arrives, I’ve been crossing some items off my list that have required a little more research and or time on my part.  These are things I’ve been wanting to look into but I’ve been putting off.  I’m using the hot summer heat and my growing midsection as an excuse to sit at the computer and place some final orders, make some decisions, and finish final preparations.

Please note I received samples of some of these items.  They are items I am using for baby’s arrival and I’m only sharing things with you that I think you’ll genuinely love. 

Memory Makers

Milestone Cards

You can’t have a professional photo shoot with your baby every single day.  However, you never know when something special is going to happen.  Milestone cards are all about celebrating the everyday, especially when it’s not so everyday.  Their new, Limited Edition Baby Cards are designed to help you create and capture special moments, even if all you have around is a blanket and a cell phone.  The card set is made up of 30 cards with memorable baby moments like: the first smile, the first step and the first time a baby says Ma-Ma, come in a keepsake box, so they can be cherished a lifetime.  All you need to do is keep these cards close by so that you’re ready when the moment strikes.  I promise, you’ll be seeing lots of these (with baby) on our social media in the coming months.

Keeping It Clean

I’ve always been a proponent of healthy laundry detergent.  What do I mean by that?  Healthy for me, my family, and the environment.  If you add in that you actually want your clothes to smell fresh and get clean and you’d think you’re asking for a magical formula.  In doing research on what I would use for baby’s clothes, both before and after arrival, I spent a lot of time looking into my options.  I also did a cost per load analysis (because I’m a dork like that).  The outstanding winner, was Biokleen.  It’s a brand you may not have heard of, but you’re going to want to pay attention.  Here are my two favorite products by them…and while prices change on websites like Amazon (where I primarily shop), the cost per load was less than HALF of the other natural options.

Biokleen Ecobottle Baby Laundry Liquid – This comes in a bottle made from 70% post-consumer waste and is both compostable and recyclable. The formula – like all of our laundry products –  is 3x concentrated. I think you’ll be surprised that a comparatively minuscule amount of our liquid cleans as well if not better than other natural and conventional brands. It also doesn’t have any fragrance or enzymes that some babies’ are sensitive to.

Biokleen Bac-Out Stain & Odor Remover-This has served me very well.  Baby or not, we seem to have a lot of stains….(being a blogger with craft projects, having two border collies, and new home projects will do that)….and this has taken care of all of them.  I’ve used it in the wash and to pretreat.  I’m a huge fan of products that do the job right the first time, and this is one of them.


Covered GoodsThere’s a lot of baby gear out there that serves one purpose and one purpose only.  Consequently, you end up with a TON of gear that you need to carry with you all the time. I’ve been on the hunt for items that serve many purposes, and can manage to keep up with my family.  If you’re a mom on the go, Covered Goods™ is a must.  It was designed by a mom who wanted to be able to nurse anywhere, but still keep her good covered.  The cover is easy to put on and it’s not complicated.  It’s soft and comfortable to wear and you can even peek in on baby while wearing it.  You can also use the cover as a scarf, car seat cover, or shopping cart cover.  This is the perfect item to toss into your diaper bag. It serves so many necessities, but you only have to carry Covered Goods™!  It’s available in some stylish patterns so you never feel like your style is being compromised.

Swaddle Stress

Okay so want to know one of my biggest fears?  I’m afraid I won’t be able to effectively swaddle.  Terrified in fact.  I started doing to some research and I came across ErgoPouch.  It was designed by a mom just like you. Melbourne, Australia-based ergoPouch was founded in 2009 by Alina Sack.  As a mother, Sack drew on her own personal experiences of sleep deprivation to come up with innovative products designed to help babies and kids get a better night’s sleep.  The award-winning ergoPouch collection includes premium quality baby swaddles, sleeping bags and sleep suits available from birth to 6 years of age sizing.  I can also rest easy because they have been acknowledged as “hip-healthy” by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.  All ergoPouch products are made with pure natural fibers including Organic Cotton, Bamboo and Merino.  ergoPouch products offer great functionality and versatility with swaddles that can easily transition to a sleeping bag, and sleep suits that convert from bags to suits with legs for easy use from bassinet to stroller to baby carrier.  I like that I’ll be able to use these for longer periods of time and they won’t be useless in just a few months! For more information visit  

Silent Night

Had it not been for the copious amount of baby literature I’ve been reading I would have overlooked packing a pacifier for the hospital and trip home.  I wanted to make sure that our first pacifier is easy to use and when I came across MAM’s Night Pacifiers I knew I’d found just the right ones.  They come in a set of two (for newborns and 6 months +) and they glow in the dark.  How genius is that?  They are BPA free and they are designed to stay in baby’s mouth.  They won’t interfere with jaw development and they won’t prevent baby’s skin from breathing.  I also love the plastic storage case that you can even use to sterilize them!

Diaper Decisions

If you’ve been reading our blog for a while, you know that we take our environmental choices seriously. Well, choosing diapers was no exception.  While I’m not ruling out some cloth diapers,I wanted to have a great disposable option ready to go.  I found Bambo Nature Diapers and I was really impressed with the features they offer.   The hook and loop fasteners can be opened and closed as many times as you need….perfect for new moms and dads like us.  They are super absorbent which is a MUST. The diapers are breathable, as only bamboo can be…so skin stays drier.  They are free from chlorine, perfumes, and lotions and they are made from 100% sustainable resources.  Overall, these are a win for me, baby S, and the environment.  They also sell pull ups and wipes!


Swim DiaperI recently set out to find if there was a reusable swim diaper.  Not because I needed one today, but because I really wanted to know.  And guess what?  There is!  It’s by Beau And Belle and is waterproof and adjustable,  as well as reusable. They fit any infant between 6-40 lbs  and are designed to keep solids in the swim diaper and keep others safe from accidents.  One-size swim diaper with snaps that adjust around the waist and abdomen offering three different sizes of width and length of the reusable swim diaper.  Waterproof outer fabric made from 100% PUL polyester and features cute unisex patterns so your little Beau or Belle can swim in style.  Internal Polyester mesh designed for easy washing and baby comfort.
Check out how adorable they are!

 Wrap It Up

The last piece of new gear I wanted to obtain before baby’s arrival was a light weight baby wrap.  We have Happy Baby Wrapa wrap designed for walking and hiking.  However, many moms have discussed how much they adored using a light weight wrap with their newborn right at the start.   Here’s what I loved about Happy Baby’s wraps; Not only are they lightweight so you aren’t carrying around an ounce more than you need to, the wrap folds up into its own pouch for easy carrying when it’s not in use.  It goes into the washing machine easily and the patterns are stylish.  (Let’s face it, you feel anything but stylish with a newborn sometimes.) Because everything was fully adjustable I was able to take my time and find a perfect fit.  The instructions take a little while to ensure you are following correctly, but once you have it down pat, you’re in great shape.  You can also allow baby to nurse in the wrap and it keeps you both protected and covered.  Oh and it’s made in the USA!



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