It’s In The Details

Making any space feel cozy is all about the details.  While there are lots of large decisions to be made such as paint color and furniture, the small details are often where a room becomes a space you love.  I’ve realized that making a house a home isn’t an overnight process, no matter how many lists you make. Taking your time and finding just the right products and making the best choices is going to pay off in the long term.  Here are some of the details I’ve added to my home over the past few months.

Please note, I did receive samples of some of these items in order to be able to try them out and write this review.  I’m only including things I’ve loved and many of the items I’ve researched and purchased on my own.

Home Details

Let There Be Light

If you live in a small or large space, the next product is going to change your home for the better.  Finally Bulbs has come out with a lightbulb that lasts 15,000 hours (15X longer than traditional light bulbs) AND looks like an incandescent.  It’s all about making your home cozy and glowing, while saving the environment and your budget.  Plus, not having to change light bulbs often is pretty awesome too.  They fit all standard light bulb fixtures.  Scroll down to WIN a Finally Light Bulb prize pack including; three 60w, three 75w and three 100w bulbs.

Hanging Tough

Most of my home came with curtain rods.  However, there was one room where I needed to add sheers, which required a double rod.  I installed Umbra’s Bellair Double Curtain Rod.  They were easy to put up (when you’re moving EVERYTHING seems to be more difficult than it should be), and they were strong.  A lot of the other curtain rods in my home felt weak and were difficult to add panels to.  These were easy and quick as well as sturdy.  They are telescoping so they fit a variety of window sizes.  (They are also available in multiple size ranges.)  They look very high end (think high end decor store), but they are SO AFFORDABLE.  All around, these are a winner and a welcome addition to any home.

It’s Getting Hot In Here

Get a GOOD meat thermometer, like the EatSmart Elite Thermometer.  It’s adorable in a fun red color, and it’s super easy to read and accurate.  I love that the puncture size is small so you don’t lose the juice from the meat.  It’s FDA approved and comes with it’s own pouch for safe keeping.  Having the RIGHT tools, not a lot of them, in your kitchen makes a big difference in cooking a meal quickly and easily.  I had put off finding a good thermometer, and I should have done it ages ago!

Don’t Forget The Doggies

So you all know I love my dogs, probably too much.  So it was a shock to me when we moved that I wasn’t allowing them to get hydrated properly.  We’ve always lived in one floor apartments with our pups and all of a sudden, my dogs have three floors to choose from; finished basement, second floor and first floor.  Sometimes they will spend a chunk of their day on one of these floors and it wasn’t until hours later that i would realize there was no water available to them.  To rectify this, I’ve been purchasing water bowls for every space they spend time in.  I will admit, I have worked very hard designing some of these rooms and I wanted something that would look adorable in the space.  Enter the Ceramic Water Bowl from Lazy Bonezz.

The bowl holds enough water that you aren’t constantly filling it (20 oz) and it’s made of durable ceramic. When it gets dirty, simply toss it in the dishwasher.  I love the four fun designs it’s available in.  My favorite is the silver stripes.

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