Our New Arrival


So this post has nothing to do with organization.  However, I’ve been asked more than a few times to write this down and share it.  SO, here I am, exposing all and sharing it with you.  This is our birth story and like most moms, it’s nothing like I thought it was going to be.

Our birth story

I am a planner by nature. When we found out we were expecting, I had more lists, Pinterest boards, and folders than you can imagine.  It quickly became all about planning for the future, researching, and ensuring everything went as smoothly as possible while we were waiting for our prince to arrive.  

We got to the point where we had weekly doctor’s visits and we were MOSTLY prepared at home.  I’d washed the clothes and organized them, put together the nursery, and I’d bought everything I thought I needed.  On the morning of our week 37 visit, we hit a fast food restaurant for breakfast and headed to the doc’s.  We started the appointment with an ultrasound.  At this point, I was getting a little anxious. I wanted to know when he would arrive, and how big he would be.  The ultrasound specialist didn’t give us any info and we headed upstairs to see the doc.  Well, I’ll never be sure if the office was really busy that day or if the doc was taking extra time with those ultrasound pictures, but when she walked into the exam room she quickly told us there was good news; we’d be meeting our baby that day.  My placenta wasn’t delivering nutrients anymore and my amniotic fluid had leaked out.  The baby needed to be born.


At my visit the week prior, baby was head down and ready to go.  However, in that week, he’d turned himself around and was breech.  Because of this, the doc made the choice to order a c section and it would be done as soon as possible.  She wanted me to drive across the street (to the hospital) and check myself in right away. My husband, in disbelief, drove me across the street to the birthing center.  Ironically, we’d toured the birthing center the evening before, thinking we had plenty of time before his arrival.


By the time we’d parked the car and walked in, the nurses had the orders from my doctor, my file ready to go, and a room set up.  I was given a hospital gown, fetal monitoring devices, and an IV within minutes of being in the hospital.  The plan was to wait until 3pm which was 6 hours after I’d eaten breakfast.  My husband stayed with me for a few minutes and then ran home to get our hospital bags.  We both started calling and texting friends and family to let them know what was going on.

The Waiting Game

As the day wore on, I was getting hungry and anxious, but my friends and family did everything they could to keep my spirits up and to keep me smiling.  I knew that soon I would meet my darling baby and this was the only course of action best for everyone’s wellbeing.  I was shockingly calm.

The doctors and nurses who delivered Sylvanus were professional, funny, and made me so very comfortable in a very uncomfortable situation.  I would dare say it was enjoyable.  There was even music playing in the operation room.  Most notable, “Soul Sister” as he was born.


I’ll spare you the details of the surgery itself.  My husband, despite being made queasy by medical procedures, wanted to be present in the operating room.  He sat by my side and kept me calm through the procedure.  The whole process was surreal and while it took a whole day to transpire, it flex by in the blink of an eye.  By seven pm, I was in a maternity hospital room, with my family around me and my little one being snuggled.  photo-sep-16-9-38-06-pm

He’s Here!

As the days went on, I regained some strength, ate a lot of food, learned to nurse, and of course, snuggled my baby.  The hospital’s maternity wing had just been refinished and it was like staying in a hotel for the five days we were there.  Hubby had a fold out couch to sleep on, the shower was beautiful blue tile, and Sylvanus was kept in a rolling wood cart with drawers inside of it to store items like diapers.  The nursing staff was amazing, and while I didn’t sleep that well (being poked every few hours makes that rough), I think overall it was a very positive experience.  

My family knows I love candy so instead of flowers, I received buckets of Halloween goodies....

My family knows I love candy so instead of flowers, I received buckets of Halloween goodies….


At the end of the five days, we were able to go home with our bundle of joy.  We were so anxious and happy at the same time.  We double checked the car seat about a dozen times before we pulled out of the hospital parking lot.  It was truly the first day of the rest of our lives.  

This was the first day in my journey to letting go, and becoming someone entirely different than I was before.  Sylvanus came into the world in an entirely different way than I expected and I will be forever grateful for that.  



  1. Jolene Crane says

    Congratulations, Bonnie & Matt!!

    Not sure if you remember me, Bonnie, but we crossed paths about 10 years ago, when I was considering changing careers. I occasionally read your blog over the years, but haven’t kept up recently. On a whim, I stopped by last week and saw that you’ve now become a Mom! I also see you’ve relocated to New Milford; I was born and raised there, and my parents still live there. Small world, eh?

    Anyhow, I am glad to “meet” Sylvanus, and am sending along wishes of happiness for your whole family. Enjoy him; they grow up very fast. My two daughters are now in college and high school…where does the time go?



  2. Bonnie J. Dewkett , CPO® says

    Hi Jolene,
    I do remember you! Thanks for stopping by the blog again and for the well wishes! Keep in touch!

  3. says

    Hi Bonnie,
    Congratulations!! He is beautiful! I wish you every happiness and good health. Well done!
    I have been following you and checking in pretty regularly for your fantastic organizing tips and just the right amount of new parent and baby news.
    Thank you for sharing.

    Best wishes,


  4. Dianne Orlando says

    How very lovely Bonnie! Thank you for sharing this miraculous news! Sylvanus will fill your hearts and lives with such JOY!!! I wish you all the best on this journey! (my daughter is due 12/30, so I appreciate your lovely story even more!)

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