Making It Happen In The New Year

Well the New Year is here and if you haven’t worked on your resolution of getting organized, it’s not too late. In fact, I suggest to my readers and clients that starting a few weeks into the year is a good idea.  All of the holiday chaos has died down and your home and schedule are cleaner.  Here are some of my favorite products to help you kick start those New Year projects.

Organizing in the New Year





















The Ingenio 5 Piece Dry Food Container Set is the perfect tool to help you get your pantry in order.   Square containers that stack allow you to maximize your shelf space.  These also keep contents fresh and the clear sides allow you to see just what you have inside.  These are perfect for items you frequently purchase and use such as rice, snacks, or oatmeal. Set includes: 5in (3.1qt) Tall Square, 2- 5in (1.8qt) Medium Square, 2- 5in (1.0qt) Short Square.  


Use reusable and washable cleaning clothes like these from eCloth. Hard working and durable, they help your home made cleaning products work harder and give your home a super clean feeling.  They just go in the wash and come out clean and as good as new.  Stop buying and throwing away paper towels.  Invest in a nice set of cleaning cloths for your home and store them conveniently in the spaces you clean.  I have a white tile shower and it’s horrible to clean.  However, the scrubbing pads in this kit make it a cinch to clean!


One of my most utilized organizing tricks it create a mission control for yourself.  Keeping everything you need to perform simple daily tasks will allow you to get them done more effectively.  If you’re a woman on the go, create a mobile mission control.  This allows you to accomplish things in between picking the kids up from practice, or one of the other many errands you run in a day.  I’m in love with Dexas’s new Legal Size Slimcase. I suggest grabbing the following supplies: pens, stamps, paperclips, sticky notes, checks, envelopes/note cards, and address labels.  Put these in the Slimcase and you’ll be a powerhouse on the go.  I love that the case closes with a snap so you know it’s closed tight and secure and all of your stuff will stay safely inside.  It’s durable and lightweight too, so you won’t be bogged down.  Get one for your kids and create a mobile homework station as well! 

Read About It

Sometimes a great organizing book can provide the inspiration you need to make positive changes in your life.  Organizing for Your Lifestyle is a great place to start.  This book provides some tips and inspiration for every area of your home.  The ideas are easy to implement and can make a positive impact in your life. Pick an area and focus on the book’s advice, then use those ideas in your own home.  The book is easy to read, so you don’t have to carve out a ton of time in your already busy day.  Oh and there’s even a special section for travel.  Bookmark it for your next trip!  

Travel Savvy

My Little SearAs a new mom on the go, I’m always looking for products that make my life easier (and more compact!). Now that my little one is getting into a high chair, I was all of a sudden faced with either having to reply on what restaurants or family members provided, or carry around my own big high chair.  I came across My Little Seat and I was immediately smitten.  My Little Seat folds up into its own pouch and is small enough that it fits inside my purse.  It’s lightweight and durable, and machine washable!  It simply fits over any type of chair (I recommend sturdy) and allows you little one to sit up, assisted, with ease.  They can join the mealtime and you don’t have to worry about lugging the kitchen sink with you.  These are adorable, (LOTS Of patterns available), affordable, and easy!


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