Fast Food For Baby

As you know, hubby and I welcomed our first bundle of joy this past September.  Since then, we’ve been coming up a steep learning curve on how to care for baby, balance work, our doggies, and still live the on the go lifestyle we were used to.  I did a lot of online research, but some of my best discoveries happened by chance and had nothing to do with the baby section at the local super store.  I wanted to share these with you to help you stay active, and keep baby fed, even on the run.


Lunch BagThe first thing I bought was a small cooler, the type designed for a lunch.  This allowed me to take bottles with me and keep them cool, but not have to worry about them leaking all over the diaper bag or my purse. I bought the cooler at a college that I root for, but you can find lunch bags at any super store.

I found that even though the cooler was made for food and bottles, sometimes tips would happen.  I started to think about ways to prop the bottles up and I came up with something untraditional.  You know those drink trays you get at fast food restaurants?  I took one and cut it in half….so it stores two bottles side by side and holds them upright.  It’s perfectly sized for bottles and if there is a spill and it gets ruined, I can easily get another.

My next question was how to heat the bottle while were weren’t near a heating source.  I did find some thermosheaters, but they required you to be in the car to use them.  SO, I started thinking about how to heat on the go.  I tried a few things and here’s what won: a thermos!  Seems simple right? I bought a small thermos designed for food or soup.  It is 10 ounces in size and I found it at Target.  You can find it here.  Before I leave the house, I fill the thermos with hot water.  I use my Keurig’s hot water feature and dispense 6 ounces of water.  I screw the lid on, throw it in the cooler and go.

img_2755So this system was working great for us, but as soon as we got used to it, baby started eating solid foods.  And so I was faced with a new challenge.  While I’m still very much learning about how to make this process go smoothly (and I’d love suggestions from you!), here’s my favorite tip thus far.  I took a box of the oatmeal cereal he eats and measured out img_2754single servings into OXO food containers I’d bought on Amazon.  These food containers seal tightly and keep the food fresh and there’s no spilling.  I then pour in the formula while on the go, mix and feed baby right from here.  The whole container goes in the dishwasher and I can do it again.  The containers fit into a tray so they stay upright and can also fit into my food cooler.  If you’re putting a lot of trays together at one time, they stack!  I’ll be honest, I’ve nabbed a new of baby’s food containers for my own travel needs; vitamins, cotton balls, and even a small jar of nail polish (to prevent luggage spills).

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