The Easiest Home Refresh You’ll Ever Do

There are a lot of things you can do to make your home more beautiful.  However, I think of the easiest, most cost effective, and beautiful things you can do is to add shelf paper to your home. Shelf paper isn’t something your grandmother loves anymore. Chic Shelf Paper has made it hip and easy.  You’ll want shelf liner everywhere once you read this.

Why Shelf Liners?

Shelf liners do a number of things for you.  The first thing it does is to help protect your surfaces. Your surfaces take a good amount of wear and tear from daily use. Pantry shelves have food spills, kitchen drawers get dings, and linen closets get dirty.  Shelf liners are not only a way to beautify your space, it protects your surfaces from these every day disasters.  While Chic Shelf liners are easily cleanable, it can quickly be replaced in case of disaster.  It’s also great for areas where kids have access.  If they were to color all over shelf liners, you can remove them.  Removing crayon from a shelf or drawer isn’t as easy.  Most importantly, shelf liners allow you to beautiful any space, no matter how small or dark.  I love opening up a drawer in my kitchen to see a fun pattern.  It’s a great way to be a little more daring than you might be with paint color or larger design choices. If you want to see how something will look in your home, you can order a free sample!  How amazing is that?!

How Does It Work?

First, you pick out your pattern.  Now this seems easy.  However, Chic Shelf paper has a crazy amount of patterns available.  So pour yourself a cup of coffee, sit down and browse for a while.

Once you’ve picked out a pattern, you can decide if you want it delivered in rolls or sheets.  (Both options have multiple sizes available.)  There is also my favorite option, the precut choice.  You simply measure your space(s), and they will cut it for you.  When it arrives, all you need to do is peel and stick!  (For the busy mom or dad, this option is where it’s at.)  When completing an organizing project, you need to measure the spaces anyway, so you might as well let them cut the paper for you and save yourself a LARGE step in the process!

How I Used It

We moved into our new home last June.  Shortly after, we had our first child.  So, it’s safe to say the past year has been a blur or craziness and home projects.  I would have liked to tackle more, but I’ve done what I can and I’m doing a bit more every time I get a few free moments.  Chic Shelf Paper has allowed me to make a big difference in some spaces, with very minimal effort.

One of these spaces is my guest bathroom.  It was nicely decorated.  However, I’m not a fan of the vanity. The underneath area is dark and dreary and just looks blah.  With one piece of Chic Shelf Paper, it’s now bright and cheery, and a pleasant surprise for guests.  It’s also now more durable as my son also uses this bathroom.



In my master bathroom I have a linen closet.  Well, I use it for way more than linens, who has THAT many towels anyway?  I keep makeup, toiletries, and medicine in this closet. The plain wood shelves were installed by the previous owners and why they function okay, they just look horribly bland.  By adding Chic Shelf Paper, they are now fun and bright and when I get a little makeup or cough syrup on a shelf, it’s easily cleanable.  This is a big win for me as I love getting ready in the morning with a little pizzaz and design.  I’m otherwise very conservative in my design choices, but I’ve been able to pick out some fun patterns without worry with Chic Shelf Paper.



Save Some $

Chic Shelf Paper has been nice enough to offer our readers a discount!  Use code JOYFUL to save 10% off any order!  Offer good through May 31st

Organizing with Shelf Paper

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