Summer Savers

This is my first summer as a mother, AND with a new, more full time job.  The two life changes combined?  Well they add up to some more than slightly chaotic days.  And now that summer is here, I’ve realized that there are just some things I’m going to have to do differently this year.  I’ve started taking some short cuts when possible.  It’s also critical that I find the right product for my needs.  I’m no longer messing around here folks, I need things to work, the first try and I’m here to share my finds with you.

Please note I received samples of some of these items in order to be able to write these reviews.  My opinions are my own and these are the items I’m actually using and loving!

Coola’s BB+ Cream

When I’m racing out the door and have exactly 30 seconds to make myself presentable, this is my go to.  This cream is SPF 30 and have a slight tint and radiance to it that will make your skin look glowing and polished.  I love that you can barely feel it on your skin, but it does provide a good amount of coverage. It’s also water resistant.  SO, it will survive the trip to the pool with the little one!  It’s vegan, 70% organic, and smells like roses.  Seriously, this is my new best friend and my secret weapon at looking like a human being this summer.

Sunless Sun

We all know the sun is bad for our skin.  My dermatologist is ALL about not getting a tan and using sunless tanner.  And, as you all know, a good one is hard to find.  Well, COOLA has revolutionized this product as well. Their sunless tanners spray on easily and evenly.  All you have to do is rub it in.  It dries quickly so you don’t have to stand in front of the fan to dry off in order to get dressed. The color is subtle and develops slowly. It lasts for about three days and is buildable.  I love that there are two formulas for both body and face and they both smell and feel amazing on my skin. These are my new go to tanners and my secret weapon in not looking like a vampire this summer.

Summer Hair Do Care

Okay one more sun product….my hair is notoriously in a messy bun in the summer.  It’s just easier and cooler for me.  However, this leads to damage. Bare Republic’s UV Protecting 5-in-1 mist is the multitasker I need it to be.  It not only reduces summer frizz, it conditions your hair AND protects it from UV rays. It goes on in a nice spray and make my hair feel soft.  I use this before I put it in a ponytail and it allows a more polished look, even if you’re racing to the pool.  The plastic bottle is easy to travel with and this, like all of Bare Republic’s products, is available at Target and is VERY budget friendly.

Beach Bento

Okay beach snacks are notoriously unhealthy.  Well being a new mom and wanting my little one to also learn healthy eating habits, I’m making an effort to pack healthy snacks this summer.  While things like pretzels and fruit get squished in sandwich bags, they arrive at your destination protected and snack-able in these mini bento boxes.  The two layers allows you to pack two different snacks.  The box is light weight so it’s perfect for your beach bag, or even hiking backpack. There’s even a little travel size fork in between the layers.  Get one of these for everyone in your family and snack healthy, even on run.

Savvy Travelers

I love travel sized items.  They are just so perfect for a trip and make like so much easier.  I love having what I need, when I need it, even when I’m away from home.  Having the items I want and use in smaller sizes, means I’m never unprepared.  Savvy Travelers is a line of “wipes” that do everything from remove nail polish to wipe down your teeth.  These little pouches fit into your wallet, purse, or backpack.  They are perfect for air travel, and even better for the glove compartment.  Going on a long vacation?  Take a few of each of their offerings….they even sell a kit so you’re fully prepared!


Okay so you’re wondering how a toy is part of my summer savers roundup?  Well, for a family that is always on the go, we’re always looking for awesome toys.  Sophie doesn’t disappoint.  My son loves her and she always get a smile.  It’s not just another squeaky toy either.  Sophie has been designed so she stimulates all five senses.  She’s easy to hold and she’s also easy to attach to Silas’s highchair.  What I love is that she’s easy to wash with an antibacterial cloth.  Sophie has already been on the floor of the car, in restaurants, on a hike, at the beach, and she’ll go on a lot more adventures this summer as well.  AND, if the worst case scenario happened, and Sophie got lost, she’s available at so many stores, she’s easy to replace.  Sophie loves being on the go with us!

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