Stay Coola This Summer

I never go anywhere without sunblock.  Usually I have multiple bottles of it in multiple locations.  I really prefer a natural and organic option that’s not sticky and goes on via spray.  Yes, I know I’m fussy and this is hard to find.  But you don’t have to, because I found it for you.  COOLA has an amazing line of spray sunscreens that protect you from the sun’s harmful rays and keep you looking good, smelling great and feeling fresh.  COOLA’S spray is refreshing to use and stays on, even during activity and for about 40 minutes in the water.  They also have specialized face sunscreen, lip balm and more.  I swear by their products and I promise you, that you will too.  Even my “non-fussy” husband always asks me where this bottle is!  This is a must for any trip I take!  (And my every day life!


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Coola also keeps me looking good.  They offer a Makeup setting spray that not only offer SPF 30 protection, it feels and smells amazing.  My hands down favorite it their liplux.  I carry this EVERYWHERE. It has SPF 15 and keeps my lips soft and smooth all summer.  I wear it over and under lipstick and reapply throughout the day. It’s a summer must have.

Feeling Sporty

My newest Coola find is their sport tint. This little stick is my go to.  It’s a sunblock, makeup, and moisturizer, all in one.  It’s easy to use and keeps my hands mess free.  It’s small enough to fit into my jacket pocket, or my glove box.  I really like that it matches my skin tone so perfectly and feels weightless when I’m wearing it.  This stuff is even sweat proof.

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