Candy Alternatives For Halloween

Candy used to be a real treat for kids.  However, now its everywhere!  Halloween has become over whelmed with candy and honestly, we just have too much sugar, food coloring and processed foods in our diet.  Make a small change this Halloween by giving out treat OTHER than candy. Here are two dozen ideas to get the inspiration going!

Edible Ideas

1.  Fruit Leathers.  I love the ones by Stretch Island:

2.  Clif Bars-Z Bars made for kids.  They even have a S’Mores flavor perfect for the fall!

3. Pumpkin seeds

4. Freeze dried fruit

5. Clif Fruit Rope:

6.  Juice boxes

7. Yummy Earth Lollipops

8.  Popcorn balls:

9.  Annie’s Organic Fruit Snacks (in individual packages)

10.  Annie’s Bunny Grahams (in individual packages)

11.  Snikiddy Snacks:

12.  Applesauce pouches:

Candy Alternatives

Non Edible Ideas

1. Barrettes or small hair elastics

2.  Money

3.  Crayons

4.  Coloring or activity book

5.  Stickers

6.  Beads

7.  Cookie cutters

8.  Soaps or soap crayons or bath fizzies

9.  Clay or “dough:

10.  Temporary tatoos

11. Mini pumpkins

12. Bouncy balls

Your Turn:  Decide what you’re going to give out on Halloween this year.  Buy it in advance.  (Or order online if possible!)

Let Us Know:  What is your favorite alternative to candy on Halloween? 

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