4 Things That Keep Me Going Through The Day

My days are busy.  I mean, aren’t everybody’s?  I’m a working mom of a toddler, a wife, a dog mom, a home-owner, and I like to try and workout, and you know….eat meals…..it’s all a complex balancing act.  I can’t say that I can always keep the plates in the air, but I do have a few secret weapons that help me make it through the long days.

  1. A great breakfast.  I prefer a smoothie.  This way I can drink it on my way to work and there’s no crumb mess on my outfit.  I can also prep most of it the night before.  I mix all of the powder portions up ahead of time into small containers and then just add a frozen banana, ice and almond milk in the am.
  2. Music on my daily run.  I use Sony’s Noise Cancelling Headphones.   They allow me to hear my music, and nothing but.  I can zone in, tune the rest of the world out, and focus on my workout, even if it’s just for twenty minutes.  The battery on these lasts for 30 hours so I rarely have to recharge and when I do, it’s super fact.  These are comfortable, and easy to take with me on business trips too!  These are a mom must.
  3. A meal plan.  I know you’ve heard this one before.  Well it’s the key to making sure we don’t eat takeout 7 nights a week.  Knowing what we’re having for dinner before I leave for work in the morning is key.  If I’m running late, I can have someone else throw it into the oven, or start the process of preparation.  Even if I don’t have a chance to prepare anything in advance, just having an idea of what we’re eating and being able to defrost food from the freezer accordingly is a lifesaver.
  4. Delivery.  I buy everything I possibly can online.  I don’t want to waste time at the store, hunting things down, and waiting in lines.  There are so many great options for free shipping now and many stores even offer free grocery delivery.  It takes some time to find out where and what to order online, but it’s worth it in the long run to find your groove.  Chances are, you’ll save money this way too!

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