I used to be a master manager of time.  And then I had a baby.  All of a sudden, I couldn’t control how I was spending my time.  I couldn’t sleep when I was tired, I couldn’t get things done when I needed to, and I certainly couldn’t predict what my days were going to look like.  All of a sudden, I had all of these tasks and commitments that were going undone and it was stressing me out, BIG TIME.

A dear friend of mine helped me to take a step back and take a break from all of it.  I just kind of stopped doing everything besides the bare minimum.  TV shows went unwatched.  Phone calls went unreturned. I didn’t read books.  I put my head down and got my work done, spent time with my family and did what I needed to do. I thought the world would collapse.  Here’s the ground breaking news.  It didn’t.


What Happened

Some friends complained I fell off the grid.  Some times there was nothing planned for dinner.  Often, I was still tired.  However, life went on.  And I was happier and more relaxed.  I realized that it really was all about taking care of putting on my own oxygen mask first.  And getting caught up in all of the “shoulds” and “nice to dos” just wasn’t worth the price of admission.  I decided then and there that something had to be a HELL YES in order for me to commit to it.  If I feel even slightly unsure I want to do something, the answer is no.  I mean, obviously, I still go to the grocery store, which I don’t think anyone has ever said HELL YES to, but I need to feel a certain level of excitement in order to spend my time on something.

You Decide

So, as we go into the holiday season, I want you to REALLY think before you commit to something.  Would you rather be at home drinking hot tea and watching Netflix? Then do that.  I give you permission.

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