Summer Boredom Busters

We all wait for the lazy, hazy days of summer and long for them to last. However, sometimes, those famous words “I’m bored”, creep into the picture.

I wanted to share with your four really neat ideas I’ve found to beat summer boredom.  If you have more ideas, please share them we me as I’d love to offer guides like this to our readers as often as once a month!

Think Outside The Box


Next time you make a large purchase (literally) keep the cardboard!  Not only is this an inexpensive way to create “roads”, it is a great way to keep toys corralled!  Lots of stores will even give you boxes if you ask.  Many customers cut products out of the box and don’t want to take it home with them.

New Books

While books may not seem like a ton of summer fun, they help kids calm down from crazy outside play, fill up rainy days and can help with travel time in the car or plane. Having a fresh set of books to pull out during the summer months will help keep kids of all ages engaged.  I love to cull my current books at the start of the summer and add some fresh titles.  Some of my favorite, out of the ordinary titles can be found at Usborne.

Stomp It Out

I‘ve been on the hunt for toys that don’t just encourage play, but force my little to be physically active and challenge him.  I took his love of space a step further and grabbed him the Stomp Rocket.  He loves it and it keeps him racing around the yard for hours.

Water Warfare

Okay, it didn’t take my son long to find his love for water guns……he doesn’t even have a sibling to shoot and he’s hooked.  So…the dog gets the brunt of it….In order to protect her I’ve done some brainstorming and come up with some ideas…the below included.  No, his aim isn’t sniper level (yet), but he sure has fun!


How fun does this look?  Be prepared, you know that you’ll get at least a little wet!

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